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Setting Submissions / Re: MAAAAP!
« Last post by ExperimentAlpha on June 06, 2016, 09:11:26 PM »
Looking even better than the last one!! ^_^ Well done
Setting Submissions / Re: WIP - Player Species - Auvokk
« Last post by Slaskia on June 02, 2016, 06:29:50 PM »
Change log

- Finished updated concept art (at least biology related.  Still haven't done a thing clothing/tech wise >.>  <.<)
General Discussion / Re: (WIP) - Neshaten (Name will change)
« Last post by Kalshion on May 30, 2016, 12:31:43 AM »
This is the history I have thus far, please note that the name I am might change. After all, I like the Neshaten name so much I may end up just using it :p


Hailing from somewhere in the western region of space, the Neshaten Junta came to the planet aboard a large colony vessel; this vessel, measuring at almost 800 meters long, had a crew one hundred and over eight thousand civilians onboard. The vessel was one of only a few that left their region of space, to search for distant planets to colonize. However, in the year of the Great Expansion, the vessel would end up caught within a mysterious gravity well that pulled it down into Terenne Enigma's surface where it would end crashing into a dense forest.

The Neshaten people realized almost instantly that they weren't going to be leaving the planet anytime soon, their ship was badly damaged, almost half of those who had been onboard were dead. Worse, the planet was teeming with wild life that seemed to have a thirst for blood. The survivors of the Junta struck out from the ship, taking what supplies they could carry and headed for a mountain that was close by where they later would set up a small town, the people choose to cast off the old political systems in exchange for a new one.

From this town the people sent out scouting parties to search the mountains because the Neshaten weren't just comprised of one species, but rather, three; two of which were nocturnal while one wasn't, this meant that the bulk of their group couldn't operate during the day and the people discovered that the days were rather long on this world. It took several weeks before a suitable spot would be found for the nocturnal species of the Neshaten, a large cave that ran from one end of the mountain to the other, but which opened up in the center to a chasm, a chasm large enough for the nocturnal species of the group to live in without fear of being killed by daywalkers. The town was turned over to the members of their group that lived in the day, although some of these daywalkers still choose to reside with the rest.

Initially the Neshaten kept to their town, to their mountain village, but it didn't take long for curiosity to surface and young explorers began to venture outward into the unknown, some never to return; others to come back with wild stories of strange beasts. One explorer, going by the name of Maistris Kui'shease, came back and told of large areas of wilderness plagued by wild beasts, swamp lands that were covered in thick poisonous clouds, and plains that were impassible due to mysterious barriers that blocked passage.

For nearly forty years the survivors lived this way, small groups of their people would break off to form villages in the surrounding areas; it wasn't long though before conflict began to rear its ugly head. One village would attack another for resources, then another would attack another, after awhile what should've been a people that were working together for mutual survival turned into a full blown civil war that would cost the lives of hundreds. The war lasted for only two years and ended when several of the younger generation realized that the constant fighting would do more to harm their chances of survival rather than help, dozens came together to form a new government, one that would rule from a central point yet still permit others to voice their concerns, this lead to the first town later becoming the 'capital' of this new people.

Eighty years after their arrival on Terenne, the Neshaten people started to work to expand their main city, the one they'd formed in the mountains. It was an arduous task, one that would end up taking the Neshaten people almost six hundred years, but through the rediscovery of some of their lost technology they were able to expand the inside's of the mountain, creating a vast and majestic city.

As the years past their numbers began to grow, villages that once housed only a few hundred now had several thousand living within; towns turned into cities. Commerce started to pop up between the cities, trade started to appear, although it was hard at first since the mountains that the Neshaten had called home for their capital mysteriously lacked any valuable ore, while other items like copper, iron, bronze, etc could be found in area's beyond.

In the year 810, eight hundred and ten years after their arrival on the planet, the Neshaten started to send out large groups of explorers accompanied by soldiers - to investigate the claims made by past explorers of strange happenings beyond their lands. It didn't take long though for these parties to discover that what the people thought was superstitious was in fact reality, swamps poisoned and killed some people while others found it impossible to navigate the western plains.

Setting Submissions / Re: WIP - Player Species - Auvokk
« Last post by Slaskia on May 29, 2016, 02:33:29 PM »
Change Log

Added Communication/Language section to Biology (though I haven't thought out fully what they sound like)
Added some info to the Government and Society sections, the latter I need to expand on more.
Added a Culture section, with some relevant information.
General Discussion / (WIP) - Neshaten (Name will change)
« Last post by Kalshion on May 29, 2016, 12:17:09 PM »
As I plan on bringing the Neshaten over to this site, I also plan on changing their name. There are other changes I plan on making as well.

1. They will still have a monarch, but it will be more military centric than before.
2. Their arrival on the planet is one where they crashed in a forest on a colony ship that had over 8000 souls on board, half of which would've parished in the disaster. They would've lost most of their tech in the crash and due to being nocturnal, they'd have found shelter inside of a nearby mountain which is where their capital city will be located (and will still be expanding by the time the faction is ready)
3. Technology wise I'm still determining, but they won't have energy weapons like they do elsewhere.
4. Their architecture will remain the same.

I'll post more in time! :3
Setting Submissions / Re: WIP - Player Species - Auvokk
« Last post by Slaskia on May 27, 2016, 10:30:32 PM »
Change Log

-Added Reproduction and Diet in the Biology section.  That section is now pretty  much complete sans changes due to feedback.
Setting Submissions / Re: MAAAAP!
« Last post by Slaskia on May 27, 2016, 09:18:00 PM »
Replaced the old map with the new one.
Setting Submissions / Re: WIP - Player Species - Auvokk
« Last post by Slaskia on May 27, 2016, 09:02:52 PM »
Change log

-added a large chuck of info to the biology section.  Still not complete, however (reproduction section still missing)
General Discussion / Re: My Vision for the Site
« Last post by CadetNewb on May 27, 2016, 05:32:04 PM »
Ugh. Much too long.

Since then, we did get to discuss all this on the IRC, and though I'm uncomfortable with the loss of many different setting elements in comparison to our prior site, it's an acceptable one considering this is the beginning. I am however, uncertain about the timing of this. How the main faction or others arrived here is not the most important thing yet, so I'll skip that. Instead, what I'm concerned about is how well established the main faction is since arrival. If they're too established, it will seem ridiculous that they haven't explored much sooner - even a newly established colony in a new world will send out scouts after all. Plus, considering the tech level, pioneering scouts leaving their sole city to explore is well doable. It's something that should honestly happen soon after or even while they're still trying to establish themselves and get a proper base of operations going to be honest.

So far, I've heard during the discussion that they've been there for a long while, and I"m not too fond of that since it makes them look less than competent.

Next, I agree that having multiple factions would be nice, but after discussing it on the IRC, there is also the potential to overstretch the playerbase this way. I would suggest the primary faction start out with multiple species, and through civil war, schism or independence, have more emerge. As much as we don't like conflict, it makes for good RP. Besides that, we could always have some come around via discovery, should there be enough interest. Now, I also miss the idea of having several planets and fighting for them, after talking it out with Eistheid, I find that they are correct in that none of them are fleshed out. We might as well just go with a single main city and make it come alive since this setting will be initially smaller in scale. As for combat, I do agree that power armor should not be the bread and butter - having them both be tough yet vulnerable to small arms fire, and also limited by resources would help a lot.

The next thing on my mind is 'Rift Space' - you mentioned exploratory ships using it on the planet's surface? I'm actually very skeptical about introducing any form of fast travel right now, since it's just one planet. Even though it's four times the size of earth, a good jet traveling mach-only-god-knows can still traverse it very quickly. I'd suggest putting that idea on hold until/if there's a need. At our previous site, fast travel times were an issue in that we didn't want them - they made things all too close, with no suspense, since first responders could arrive far too quickly.

And yes, this is even with your suggestion that it does not come without risks, since we don't even know how it all balances out.

Finally, since we're going to have Neshaten, I suggest examining them from an outsider's point of view. The perspective of someone who is looking to join something. The reason why I bring that up was because I was more or less lead to believe - based off all the artwork that I saw - that the humanoids were all perpetually children. When I learned otherwise, I have to admit that I found it very, very, very frustrating. I even felt mislead. What I'm trying to say is that their outward appearance/presentation could use some work. Think of it as advertising; if what someone comes for, what they saw, and what they got are all different from each other, we may have a problem. This is important because it'll be the foundation of player draw.

First impressions are everything, and in comparison, our previous site was typically consistent regarding the main faction.
Setting Submissions / WIP - Player Species - Auvokk
« Last post by Slaskia on May 26, 2016, 12:29:46 PM »
This article is in heavy construction!  Feedback is appreciated!


Auvokks are a reptilian-like sentient species that is fairly new to the inter-galactic space exploration scene. 


Auvokks were once a people of great artistry and culture.  Throughout most of their history, Auvokks placed a great importance on the arts and other recreational activities.  Back then, they had little interest in what lay beyond their own planet: to them, they had everything they needed.  While they had advances in science and technology, much of it also inspired more variety and art and entertainment.  Even in their biggest cities, there was hardly any spot that wasn’t a curving, covered with a mural or other artwork.  No building was without the sound of the latest musical tunes.

That all changed a few centuries ago.

With technology lowering death rates of hatchlings world over, the Auvokks soon discovered they were having a negative impact on their world.  Realizing that overpopulation was starting to choke their planet, and themselves, they finally started looking to the stars.  With most of their brightest minds now focused on space and the prospect of space travel, they experienced a technological boom in many different fields.  This came with a cost.

With the fears of their planet’s impending ecological collapse, the government started imposing birth limits to slow the population growth, to buy time.  When that wasn’t enough, they implemented restrictions on what they treasured most: their arts and entertainment.  To their leaders, any activity not dedicated to solving the current crisis was a waste of time.  It wasn’t long until they imposed an outright ban. This, the population wouldn’t stand for and talks of rebellion started being heard in the streets.

By then, they had taken their first steps into space and set foot on other planets, though their technology was not quite ready to start colonization of other worlds.  What they didn’t know was that when those first pioneers returned home, they brought something back with them.  Something that was the reason for the restriction and bans on entertainment.  Compatible of mimicking almost perfectly the person they were ‘born’ from, these shapeshifting aliens quickly took over key positions in the government and set about further suppressing the populous to make them easier to control and ‘replace’.  By the time the leaders of the resistance realized what was really going on, the invaders were too entrenched.  Their only hope was to save enough of their people to start anew elsewhere, with hopes of eventually returning to take back their home world. 

With that in mind, they focused exclusively on tech that would get a large number safely to another habitable planet: colony ships.  Unbeknownst to them, the alien occupiers also had plans to do the same, for they desired to expand to other sentient species as well.  When the resistance completed their first colony ship, they ensured one of their own was aboard.  As the ship took off, they made a token effort to stop the launch, but purposely failed.  As far as the resistance knew, they were free from the alien’s influence.

However, they were not free from trouble.  While enroute to their destination, they lost control of their ship, pulled from warpspace (?) by an unknown force.  They found themselves heading straight for a previously unknown planet that was more than twice the size of their own: the pilots were only just able to get enough control to do a hard landing, saving most of the passengers.  When they realized the ship would never fly again, the alien infiltrator, due to a combination of injury and suddenly finding itself cut off from its brethren, went berserk, revealing its true nature.  It was quickly killed.

The Auvokks themselves where overwhelmed.  Not only were they forced to crash land on an unknown planet, but their greatest enemy had been among them the whole time.  Fearing there may be more among them, they chose to isolate themselves from any other potential sentient species.  For the next few decades, they spent exploring only the immediate area around the crash site, building a new home for themselves and reigniting the love of art and entertainment that had been taken from them.  Sixty years after their crash landing, another of their colony ships followed suit.  This ship had luckily crash landed nearby and they quickly rescued any survivors.  It was then they realized that their music was the best screener for alien infiltrators, for the aliens could not stand music in any shape or form:  those among the new arrivals were quickly routed out and destroyed.

With this knowledge in hand, they now had hope of reclaiming their homeworld.  Now the biggest problem they had was actually returning home, however after several attempts to leave the planet failed, they realized they could not do so on their own.  Something was keeping them there, either the massive size of the planet, or something else.  Thus, a hundred years after they first arrived, the Auvokks finally start seeking out other intelligent life.  Surely, if the planet did this to them, other residents could be in the same situation.  Thus the hunt is on.


General appearance

Auvokks stand, on average, 5’5” tall, with minimal height variances between individuals.  Head is goat-head shaped, their eyes sharing the aforementioned animals horizontal slitted eyes.  Behind each eye grows a horn that curves back around the head and slightly upward.  Below and slightly behind the base of each horn is a small ear.  Torso, arms and legs are very human-like, including having five fingers on each hand, however, they only have four toes and their nails are more like claws and hooves (fingers and toes respectively).  Every Auvokk also has a tail that is roughly 3/4ths the length of their legs: this tail has little muscle to it and is slowly disappearing over the generations.  Their skin is leathery and hairless, the dorsal side covered with either spots, mottling or stripes:  their skin tone can come in a whole rainbow of colors.  Eye color ranges from yellow to light orange and, rarely, light brown. 

Sexual Dimorphism

In physical shape, males and females are essentially the same.  The one exception to this is their horns:  the female’s horns are generally only half the length of the males.  Telling the difference between the sexes, is mainly done by skin color:  males are always warm colors, while females cool.  This can be a bit problematic for color ranges that go into both warm and cool tones, especially for a non-Auvokk: in these situations, a quick glance at the horns usually clears things up.

In Auvokk society, a member that is fully grey, white or black is considered ‘genderless’, regardless of horn length.  They also have the misfortunate of being infertile as well.


An Auvokks strongest senses are sight and smell.  Their color-vision is so refined they can see three times the hues, shades and tones of color than a human can.  This can lead to a bit of ‘elitists’ attitude on their end when conversing art, or anything to do with color, with other species, resulting in comments like ‘poor partly color-blind soul’.  This heightened sense of color-vision is one reason why ‘they’ don’t get confused on a fellow Auvokks sex.  The other reason is their sense of smell.

Their sense of smell is easily five times that of a human.  To Auvokks, scent is an important indicator of mood, health and sex and is often used as an aid in communication.  This, of course, can lead to misunderstandings when talking to other species, so translation devices are sometimes needed (similar to the Elcor from Mass Effect, actually, but not to that extreme).

Hearing is their poorest sense:  when compared to human hearing range, they can only hear the lower half of that range.  Because of this, they have trouble hearing people speaking in a higher pitched voice (such as many human females).

In general, their sense of touch is average.   However, they do have an increased sensitivity to ‘feeling’ infrasound, which somewhat makes up for their limited hearing range.  Want to know when an earthquake or volcanic eruption is imminent?  Stay near an Auvokk….


Auvokks are oviparous (egg layers) and have a set breeding season (haven’t figured out when that is yet).  Females lay up to four eggs after carrying them for two months, which then hatch after three more months of incubation.  All hatchings are born hornless and for the first two weeks after hatching, their skin is grey.  Horns don’t start growing until they hit adolescence, which is typically between 13-15 years old.  Hatchlings are born with all their teeth and can eat solid food immediately after hatchling.

Females that do not wish to reproduce on a given breeding season will take estrus pheromone suppressants and other means of birth control.  Of course, accidents still happen.


Omnivorous with heavy herbivorous leanings.  Namely, their diet consists primarily of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other various plants, with various insects as their main source of protein.  They have trouble digesting actual meat, thus will only consume it in emergencies.


Their language can have a lot of nuances in the infrasound range, making understanding their intent a chore for other species.  This, in addition to their tendency to use scent in their communications, results in their speech coming off as a bit monotone.


Auvokks are unable to use magic, however, there have been signs that they may be capable of psionics.


On the homeworld, the city governments are run by the City Council, whom have a Major as their public face.  The Major proposes new laws and directives to the council, who debate and vote on it.  Each Major is also a member of a higher council, known as the World Council.  The World Council’s public face is known as the Prime minister.  All members of city council, the Majors and the Prime Minister, are voted upon by the public.

On TE, the refugees continue to use a similar, albeit a much smaller scale version of this system. Here, it is simply the Council and Governor.


- Consider ‘fun time’ just as, if not more important than work.
- The ‘Colorless’ Auvokk (members that are pure grey, white or black), tend to be workaholics in contrast, specializing in their chosen profession.  A big stigma associated with them is that they prefer work over play and wish others would be the same in the sake of progress.  It’s due to this stigma that a colorless finds it nearly impossible to obtain a position of leadership.
- The worst insults you can say to an Auvokk (or their work) is that they are plain, boring, ugly, etc.


The biggest aspect of their culture is their forms of entertainment, which runs the gauntlet of genres.   Music, art, opera, sports, etc:  they do it all. 


Due to their range of hearing and sensitivity to infrasound, Auvokk music is heavily percussion based.  Various types of drums dominate their bands and performances, while other instrument types all range in the lower frequencies.

Body Art

Tattoos and piercings were only just starting to get a foothold before the forced shift in priorities by the government on their homeworld and it was quickly banned for ‘fear of bodily contamination’.  The refugees on TE have yet to attempt to pick up either practice again, due to having a greater interest in preserving the culture that had already been well established.


They really don't have a 'set' one, as it changes every few years: think of our own fashion trends, but apply it just about everything, including architecture.  That said, the one 'style' that is rarely seen in Auvokk society is 'simple' or 'plain'.  Example: no piece of fabric is just one color, it usually has multiple patterns of colors and/or textures running through it.  Their architecture is no different (for ideas on what I mean there, look at these buildings: these are real buildings, here on earth.  In short, their buildings can be crazy looking to other sentients.)  Thankfully, they do understand the importance of function over aesthetics (in other words they make sure the design is actually structurally sound before building it).

Artwork - very old concept art.  Plan to redo. - Art update done! - V.2
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