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Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by club24 on January 25, 2019, 11:36:51 AM »
Micalio had retreated to the engineering bay since they boarded the ship, going through FTL was no engineering walk in the park and she was doing everything she could to keep the systems in the green, an issue during FTL travel could be disastrous. As though to voice her thoughts the ship shuddered violently around the red haired Daur who, luckily had enough practice in these situations not to go sprawling to the floor although she did stumble. "Engineering to bridge, what's going on up there?" She quickly called through, checking over the various readouts on her end to see if anything was out of whack or damaged.
Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by Aria on January 25, 2019, 11:09:22 AM »
Aiu suddenly found herself on the floor for some reason she couldn't remember. It seemed weird to her that she'd nap on such a rough floor. She heard someone talking above her and glanced up, but her vision blurred and all she could make out was a puff of golden hair and two drooping ears. She looked at Barb with a blank stare for a few seconds as gears slowly turned.

"Don't be sad, Icaro," she said sweetly, reaching her hand up and rubbing the sad fox's head. It took a few seconds for her to realize this wasn't her brother, but Barbanov. Her hand seized up and she shot upright.

"S-sor-" she began, but her head swooned and her vision momentarily blacked out. She fell backwards, but caught herself with one arm. A small trickle of blood ran down her face from a bruise that continued to swell.
Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by SirSkully on January 25, 2019, 08:22:47 AM »
The other half of the medical team in question was neatly arranging medical supplies in a nearby compartment for what must have been about the fifth time today as he let out a small sigh, one ear twitched at the slightest sound in the hallway outside because hell - it was a lot nicer to focus on than the awkward silence that was currently filling this room.

Had he fucked up in some way? Barbanov just thought he was helping out a distraught crew-mate and fellow medic birthed from a pit of gore but something had gone wrong, maybe she just misread his intentions and acted accordingly? though no, Barb assumed he had fucked up in some way and now the cute medic with a floppy ear didn't even want to talk to him... though he respected her wishes and tried to not get in the way too much, dipping his chin to avoid eye contact when they passed each other and such.

Both fuzzy ears, that had lazily been resting forward on Barbanov's head of golden-brown hair, sat bolt upright at the attentive mention of his name and the lad whipped around to greet Aiu before something knocked the boy to the ground. First was confusion, the hell was that? then worry as he saw Aiu also fall over - deciding to scurry across to her on all fours quickly and kneel down as he began checking her over for injuries.

"Aiu! are you okay?" the boy inquired with a look of worry as his ears retook their drooping position, fearing the worst as Barbanov gently began sweeping across the fellow medical fox for any sustained injuries.
Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by Aria on January 24, 2019, 07:05:40 PM »
Aiu idly flipped through her datapad for probably the fifth time. She sat at her desk in the medbay with her chin resting on her propped-up left hand. Silence hung over the med bay, with only Aiu and Barbanov as the only two people not sleeping in a bed. The first few days after the terrorist attack had been busy and flew by quickly, but now most people were either discharged from the med bay or waiting to heal. She had already made a few rounds to check on patients, but there wasn't anything left to do.

Aiu still felt really embarrassed about crying in Barbanov's arms after just meeting. She said a few really unthoughtful words as well she wished she could take back. But now, here they were, working alone together in the same facility. She couldn't bring herself to talk to him just yet outside of work, so she just made herself look constantly busy. If Barbanov looked closely enough, he might have seen her eyes had stopped moving and she just blankly stared as she scrolled through her datapad that sat on her desk.

Her mind wandered to that day where she hugged him and rubbed his head in reassurance like she did her brother. She remembered the feeling of Barb's soft, fluffy, golden hair. It took her a second to realize her right hand had stopped scrolling and had been mimicking that gentle gesture. She quickly pulled her hand back to her.

I never even got to bandage his hand, she thought with a frown. Augh! I can't stand this anymore! she thought, suddenly slamming her hands on her desk and standing up. She wasn't the type to mope. She had to do something.

"Barb!" she nearly shouted, partially to psych herself up. But just before she reached him, the ship's violent shutter knocked her off her feet.
Outer Dimensional Roleplay / Re: Furi'ken, Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 1
« Last post by Soresu on January 23, 2019, 07:56:02 PM »
Ay'indri had made a beeline right for the CIC once she arrived on the bridge. The small Or'ion agent spoke quickly to a few people there and began to check the logs coming in. She seemed particularly interested in what was being said on the city defense net. Just how did they manage to get there with little to no notice? Her eyes narrowed a little as she both listened to what was being piped in through audio and looking at a screen.

She lightly tapped a fingernail against the console while thinking. The most obvious would be that someone had somehow managed to get them through. Or perhaps provided valuable information on the defenses of the city itself. The thought of a mole soured her mood even further. Reports kept coming in and she kept browsing them as necessary. She felt helpless, her job was to root out the enemy from within and from without. And the best way she knew how was to see to the business herself, in person with a gun or sword in hand. Ay'indri sucked on her teeth making a 'Tch' sound.
Setting Submissions / Re: [Wiki] Wiki Namespaces
« Last post by Kalshion on January 21, 2019, 12:31:28 PM »
Thankies for this Frosty! :D

Neshakushin Empire / (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by Kalshion on January 19, 2019, 05:52:54 PM »
Furi'ken, FTL

Chi'ka sat cross-legged at her console, a pen balanced on the bridge of her nose while deep in thought. "It's been a week since we launched, no ceremony thanks to those fuckers," she remarked with a minor scowl. It had taken three extra days for them to root out what was left of the terrorists that had plagued the school city and even then there were still reports of sporadic fighting, but at least those reports also said that that the youth corp were at the forefront of fighting these pockets and that the navy was able to pull their own forces back.

With a sigh the shipmistress leaned forward and looked at the translucent display in front of her, a text pad opened up and the words 'journal entry' displayed above it. "Not much to really write about, things have been uneventful," as she spoke, the words would appear in the pad. "The crew seems to be in decent spirits, although I've noticed some worried about what this attack might mean."

"We still don't know how they managed to get past the defenses originally," she rubbed her chin. "Nor how they were able to disable some of the anti-air batteries so close to the perimeter, it's a mystery but one I hope is solved in the near future. If not by the forces on the ground, then by us," she grinned.

It was at this point that she turned to look at the cabin window, eyes peering at the white lines that quickly passed by as the ship traveled through FTL. For a moment she just stared, then noticed something strange about the space beyond, a swirling like motion in the background. She was about half way out of her chair when suddenly her cabin, and the entire ship, shook violently.
Outer Dimensional Roleplay / Re: Furi'ken, Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 1
« Last post by SirSkully on January 17, 2019, 01:02:39 AM »
"Yeah... yeah, sorry," Barbanov spoke back to Micalio as Aiu moved out of his embrace, he'd hugged people before but that was something else entirely, much more intense than when greeting a family member or friend - and his family was almost the definition the tactile sort, a DePolanskaya family meetup was... something alright.

The golden-brown medical fox ran his hands back through his shaggy hair briefly before giving the engineer one final nod and then moving to board the ship, heading towards the armoury to strip out of the ruined armour and into his more sterile underclothes which consisted of a white shirt and some blue boxer shorts over his lean frame - hissing a little out of pain as he ran some cold water over the burn on his hand to clean and, in the long run, soothe it before applying a little bit of ointment to the angry flesh and then a medical glove to cover it.

It was a good enough fix for now, so the clean-shaven boy casually stepped out into the hallway in his undergarments and began walking off towards his room, tail lazily bobbing and swaying with each step.

Important News / If you want to join us (Important Read!)
« Last post by Kalshion on January 16, 2019, 11:48:01 PM »
If you wish to join our community, please join us in Discord and let us know. Registration is presently disabled due to idiotic bots from various countries.
Setting Submissions / [Wiki] Wiki Namespaces
« Last post by FrostJaeger on January 14, 2019, 10:03:29 AM »
For Reviewers:
  • Contains Unapproved Sub-Articles? No.
  • Contains Links to Unapproved Articles? No.
  • Contains New Art? No.
  • Previously Submitted? No.
  • Changelog: N/A
A relatively minor thing related to wiki organization that I finally got around to wikiyfying after I talked with @Kalshion about it last month. Sorry for the delay... >.<

Edit: Is there a way to tag people? The "@" didn't seem to work when I originally posted this message.
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