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"Yess I think we're all well aware of the giant hole. Now lets move it!" Micalio shouted, grabbing Aui and trying to drag the other girl away from the destruction, medical personnel or not it wasn't worth risking their own lives to go search for corpses. The red haired mechanic looked around for an easy way out, the way they came in seemed good as any and close by to boot and so that was where she headed.

"We need to get to the escape pods, I have studied enough models to know this ship is going down and we don't want to be on it when it does. So either come with me and survive or stay and almost certainly die."

"No Doc I'm not the one you need to worry about, grab your boyfriend and let's get moving!" The red-haired Daur barked, despite them being all the same rank Micalio had already seen what happened when these two tumbled all over each other and she didn't need any repeats right now, scanning over the room she immediately noticed the strange wall but saw not-yet-dead crew scattered about as well. "Alright you two, take stock of all the injured here and try getting them stabilized if you can, I doubt we have time to go back and forth from the medbay with all the commotion. I am gonna go take a look at that wall, it could be dangerous if it turns out to be some massive laser cutting through the ship so be ready to bolt."

Micalio stood up after patching the pressure locks and looked around at the now doomed ship. "Well I tried." She said aloud to no one in particular as she ditched the helmet which had filled with alerts and red icons and ran for the medical bay. While she wasn't a medic herself she knew thats where many others would likely be, other than the bridge but it was unlikely they'd be able to save the ship at this rate, those explosions didn't sound good.

On her way there the red haired Daur saw that softie medic run into the mess hall and decided to take a detour, bursting through behind Aiu she looked around at the carnage. "Hey! There's nothing my lot can do anymore, just give me a job and I'll do it!" She said grabbing the smaller medic by the shoulder so she knew she was being spoken to.

Diary of Josh Destine

2 days after arrival of Iron Palace

Its been a horrible two days, first the GFC arrived with their Iron Palace and now war has broken out. The rig captain said we should have these guys beat before next week though so we’re all pretty fired up. We can hold them back with our strategic locations and knowledge of the land, and the entire enemy force is just mercs so they’ll get bored soon. I’m looking forward to winning this so I get get back off this scorched hell and see Tiana again, I still need to buy a ring for her and hopefully we’ll get a nice bonus for fighting off these losers.

1 month since arrival

All the men are losing morale, it’s now been a month since they arrived and they’ve dug in deep. Our rig captain was killed yesterday so now authority has fallen to me, but we’re not soldiers we just mine this dump. Our ammo is holding up since we managed to scavenge weapons and equipment from a deserted battlefield but those mercs just keep getting supply ships sent down. The other boys and I are trying to get an old aircraft gun working that’s been here for years to try and shoot the next one down. If we could get hold of some of their combat armour and explosives we could push them back I know it. For now we’re holed up at one of the dig camps with mining explosives setup like traps, but their patrols are clever. Several traps have been disarmed and stolen and others were set off to lure us out. Everyone knows this war won’t be over anytime soon, despite all our plans and operations they still remain in stalemate through sheer numbers to our home land advantage.

1 year since hell began

I’ve given up hope of getting out of here alive, all the men I started this with, real good men well they’re all dead. I haven’t had communication offworld in months now and they have captured Diamond Ridge, there’s no hope left for us. I’ve been thinking maybe I can join them, it might not be too late for me. I’m planning to wave my flag tomorrow, Tiana if you’re reading this then I’m probably dead or captured and may never see you again. I’m sorry I never came back to get you that ring and I hope you can live safely even if I don’t.
End of entries

Galactic Federal Conglomerate / GFC OOC Thread
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:37:24 PM »
This thread will serve as the OOC thread for the faction overall and can be used by anyone to obtain and request information or assistance. Plans for future RP can be discussed as well as ideas to help improve the faction overall.


Micalio didn't like the look of all those damage screens popping up at once, hull breaches, coolant leaks, thankfully no depressurisation or major failures yet. The lack of response from the bridge suggested to the red haired Daur that they were probably dealing with their fair share of issues up there too. Setting to work the engineer strapped herself up with all manner of tools and equipment before sending the damage reports to her HUD, slipping on the helmet she'd kept around for this purpose.

With the botched up helmet on serving as her engineer triage map Micalio ran out of the bay and towards the nearest critical damage, a set of blown pressure locks on the coolant lines close by to the engineering bay. "Engineering to Bridge, I'm moving to begin internal repairs, please advise."

Micalio had retreated to the engineering bay since they boarded the ship, going through FTL was no engineering walk in the park and she was doing everything she could to keep the systems in the green, an issue during FTL travel could be disastrous. As though to voice her thoughts the ship shuddered violently around the red haired Daur who, luckily had enough practice in these situations not to go sprawling to the floor although she did stumble. "Engineering to bridge, what's going on up there?" She quickly called through, checking over the various readouts on her end to see if anything was out of whack or damaged.

Micalio nodded at the new orders, despite being an engineer orders were orders and she could fight after all. After the last battle it seemed the two healers couldn't handle the stress and had somewhat cracked, she hadn't being paying them much attention since she was focusing on her own issues. "Not to rain on your parade, but we're still under attack and can't be wasting too much time." The red haired fox said gently, she was no stone cold killer either but it would be bad for all of them if they didn't pull their heads into the game.

Micalio winced hearing the sounds coming from the Laibe but calmly reloaded and fired once more to put the enemy out of their misery at least, she wasn't meant to be fighting like this she was an engineer for crying out loud. But the red haired fox already knew she would do whatever she had to since her time on the open battlefields had taught her well.

"Enemy down, how many more do we have?" She asked looking around and seeing Barbanov and Aiu still engaged with another. She raised her own weapon intending to put a few spikes through his head and end it there but hesitated. If they were in a standoff maybe something important was happening.

Micalio poked her head up in time to see the enemy rushing her position with weapons drawn. The red haired fox pointed her own needle pistol towards them and squeezed the trigger, finding she only had a few rounds left as the mechanism clicked signalling she needed to reload. "Guys I'm out! I need cover!" She half yelled half squeaked, eyes widening as the enemy kept rushing her.

Introductions / Lets do a thing!
« on: September 26, 2018, 12:45:08 AM »
Hello hello, I'm fairly sure I already know 80% of the people on this site currently so this is sort of me trying out the new forum design to see how everything works :3

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