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Chi'ka bolted the rails and over to Ay'indri, "bloody hell," she remarked as she tapped the console. "Medic to the bridge!" the ships loud speakers bellowed as Chi'la placed her hands on those of the agents to keep her course steady.

The display showed the vessel on a gradual descent, it was a bit on the low side but Chi'ka figured losing a little bit of the forward section was better than trying to force an injured agent to do more. "Just keep her steady," the shipmistress said into the agents ear.

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"Welcome to the club, neither have I!" Chi'ka would shout as plopped herself in front of the ships tactical console, attempting to divert some power to the shields.

Ay'indri would find herself bathed in a bluish glow as the ships holographic systems engaged, there was a brief 'pop' as the ship suddenly lurched forward. The systems coming online and engulfing the fox in a blue sphere of holographic energy.

This sphere stayed for a few seconds, before the system fizzled out, an additional alert flashed across the touch screen; warning Ay'indri that the holographic flight system was offline.

Data scrolled across the screen, one moment the ship was reported to be in space - and another - it was in atmosphere. This was backed up when the ship began to accelerate. Data showed that they were sixty five kilometers from the planets surface and rapidly descending.


Whether due to the ships shear size, or some other unexplained force, the prow of the vessel punched a hole through the planetary shield - sending the ship into the planets atmosphere. It was followed close behind by dozens of smaller ships each one attempting to latch onto the ships hull but failing due to the ships speed and atmospheric re-entry.

Parts of the ships outer hull peeled away from the re-entry. Emergency containment barriers engaged over some of the ships hull breaches - but not everywhere.


The group made it out of the room just as parts of the floor began to crumble away, ceiling tiles came clutters down. The containment barrier flickered numerous times as debris slammed into it, alternating between shades of blue and red.

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The bridge shuddered and klaxons blared, as the ships AI warned of hull breaches across the ships forward hull. Outside, the ship skidded across the top of a planetary wide shield, but this only lasted for a few seconds before the prow punched a hole and the ship began to descend into the upper atmosphere.

Chi'ka steaded herself, as she looked about the room and then toward Ay'indri. "Ay'indri, take the helm! Worry about the wounded after!" she shouted as the ship shuddered some more, on one of the few remaining viewscreen was an image of what was going on outside of the ship - flames licking the edges of the camera made it clear what was going on.

Zeu Star System

The Zeu Star System had seen a lot of fighting, so much so that dense debris fields of wreaked vessels scattered the system. Close to the systems only habitable planet, two large fleets - one comprising two hundred vessels mostly of small to medium tonnage belonged to the Kushin, who were fighting to retake a system they had lost to the opposing nation, the Vincon'hansaw which had a fleet of just over one hundred. The fleets stood in low orbit over Akeron, the only habitable planet and one that had an active planetary shield to protect it from orbital bombardment. Dropships from both fleets moved to and from the planet - depositing ground troops or reinforcing those already there.

Out of all of the ships in the Kushin Fleet, one stood out amongst them all: a two kilometer long vessel known as the Katalin of Dawn, a Command Battleship that had positioned itself between its fleet and the enemy, shielding several carriers that launched fighters and bombers. Behind were two square shaped vessels that had over half a dozen Kushin ships docked to it, while a third one had its front side pointed toward the enemy - serving as a shield.

Inside the Katalin of Dawn, Admiral Lingreta - a Shukaren who was taller than most of her race - floated in zero-g as she orbited a holographic tank that showed the battle that was presently playing out. She occasionally moved to get another angle on the battle and then rubbed her chin curiously. "What's the enemies status?" she shouted.

"Ninety eight active vessels, two crippled. Their command ship has retreated to the rear," one officer shouted as they bought up the enemy fleets movements which were then relayed to the holo-tank. "They are bringing four vessels forward, configuration match battlecruiser types." The holo-tank focused on the four ships, making them standout from the rest of the vessels.

Lingreta continued to rub her chin as she watched. "Four battlecruisers, if intel is correct, light on the armor but heavy on the weaponry," she looked toward her comm's officer. "Order Fleets Osiris and Gamatron to the front, I want to harass these ships." Her comm's officer nodded, relayed the orders, then a half dozen green dots on the holo-tank suddenly began moving, first from behind the command ship and then ahead. "Inform the wind leaders not to take chances." She wasn't about ready to lose any ships to four vessels that were technically more well armed than her assault ships were.

As the battle played out, one of the communications officer spoke up. "One enemy battlecruiser is down, four of ours are badly damaged and returning to the rear." The officer placed their hand on the headset, as if straining to hear the conversation. "They are requesting permission to offload wounded on the medical frigate." The four ships soon appeared in visual range, passing by one of the ships external camera's and giving a clear view of the damage.

One of the ships was missing most of it's forward section, which would've housed the main weapon. Two others showed various types of damage across their hulls, including dozens of breaches. While another had a hole that went straight through from the top to the bottom, Lingreta knew from that angle that the ship's bridge was more than likely destroyed, and thus it was most likely being flown by the vessels secondary bridge. She gave a quick salute to those who had perished, then turned her attention back to the battle.

By now another of the enemies battlecruisers had been dealt with and disappeared from the holotank. "Two enemy ships left, Osiris Wingleader reporting forty percent lose."

"Pull Osiris and Gamatron back," she sighed as she watched the display and folded her arms over her chest. It was then that her eyes caught something on one of the ships other external cameras, this was followed by a communications officer saying. "Alpha and Echo Fleets are in position, awaiting orders."

Lingreta grinned. "Order them to fire, target the battlecruisers first, then the rest of the fleet." She turned to her left, where she watched as the ships comprising of those fleets, roughly eighty meters long with a stubby nose and a long barrel, moved up alongship the command ship. Muted by the background of space, the war-room brightened as these artillery vessels suddenly fired, a mixture of both energy and kinetic weaponry.

"ETA Till rounds on target," one officer shouted before running calculations. "Thirty seconds."

"Be advised enemy fleet has started moving," the holotank now showed the remaining ninety four enemy ships begin to head straight toward the Kushin fleet.

A death wish? Lingreta mused and shook her head. No, our enemies are not reckless,

She looked toward her staff. "Advise the fleet to prepare for-" her words were suddenly drowned by the ships alert system.

~"Alert! Alert! Unidentified Vessel Emerging!"~ announced the ships AI.

"Report!" The admiral shouted, spinning in the air and taking a hold of the hand rails.

"Sensors are detecting a rift out!"


"Directly ahead!" a volumetric display suddenly appeared in the war-room, allowing everyone to see, a large hole in the fabric of space began to appear. Suddenly the space between the two mighty fleets lit up; what was once open space full of missiles and kinetic warheads was now occupied by a large vessel with dozens of fires that dotted the hull. Within seconds, the salvo's that the Kushin had fired would impact this unknown ships hull, ripping into it and creating additional fires that spread along the vessels port-side.

Lingreta watched in disbelief, she hadn't seen a ship such as this before and initially wondered if it was some new enemy design. "Can you identify the unknown?!"

"Negative, ships hull doesn't match anything in the database."

"Ma'am, I'm detecting no shielding on the vessel, not even that which is designed for Rift Travel!" the science officer shouted, as the holotank showed a dozen impacts on the unknown ship from Vincon'hansaw weaponry.

For a few moments the ship just seemed to float in space, not doing anything, just then several turrets on the hull came to life as they turned toward both fleets but nothing happened; instead the ship then started descending into the planets atmosphere, belching smoke along multiple hull breaches. It wasn't long before the nose ran straight into the planetary shield, scrapping against it.


Chi'ka found herself tossed the floor, the handrail she had been holding onto had snapped. The entire ship shook violently from external impacts from unknown weaponry, some of which bore deep into the ships hull. She attempted to steady herself, but the rocking of the ship made that more than a little difficult, so instead she brought her tail up to one of the railings and wrapped what she could around it.

Despite the multiple explosions that could now be heard across the ship, the only damage that the Bridge and CiC sustained from it all was a few sputtering consoles. She headed for one of the still working consoles, the ships AI had registered the additional impacts as weapons fire and had taken automated control of the ships turrets but there wasn't enough power for them to fire. Chi'ka was about to bark more orders but the ship shuddered violently, as she looked up at the ceiling.

Mess Hall

For a few seconds everyone would feel themselves become weightless; it wasn't an odd feeling since the crew was more than used to it, what made it odd was the fact that being up high in the air - the group would notice a giant hole in the mess hall.

Medical Bay

More and more crew were filing into the bay, some with minor injuries that weren't there to be treated but rather just there to help out - while others had serious injuries, ranging from broken to missing limbs and having left a bloody trail behind them. The bay rocked violently every few minutes as explosions could be heard in the distance, but suddenly, an explosion could be heard that was much closer than what some felt was safe.

"What was that...?" one of the crewmen was heard saying as bottles and unsecured items crashed onto the deck. This was followed by the found of bulkheads snapping and steel girders warping. Everyone could hear *something* in the distance. It would've caused everyone in the bay to stop and listen, briefly, since the sound seemed to travel, and sometimes it would sound as if it was below them or sometimes above them.

This was followed by a sudden explosion in the medical bay.


The Furi'ken continued its slow tumble through space, fires had stopped popping up, but explosions still occured along the outer hall. The ships hanger bay was exposed to space, but strangely enough the fighters and shuttles within weren't sucked out and instead just tumbled in the open-air hanger.

Crew quarters that had also been exposed to space likewise had their belongings just tumbling as if there was oxygen in the air. The ships observation deck was also breached and, like other area's of the ship, likewise had no explosive decompression.


On the bridge, the door finally opened; Chi'ka stumbled into the ravaged area with a cut on her forehead and her uniform torn apart. "Well... shit.." she muttered after seeing the carnage. The shipmistress rubbed the back of her head, and started to prowl about to see what was still working, before she heard something in the ships CiC and looked in to find Ay'indri tending to a patient.

She was about to speak when suddenly, over the loudspeakers: "Alert! Emergency Fold Out Initialized! Repeat: Emergency Fold Out Initalized!"

Mess Hall

The mess hall was a mess, tables over turned, glassware shattered upon the floor, bodies everywhere. There were groans coming from some of the bodies. Purple and blue lights danced across the far back wall, this wall seemed strange though compared to the rest of the mess hall; to Aiu, Micalio and Barbanov, this seemed out of place.

Explosions chained across the lateral part of the ship, opening it up to the void in which they were presently inhabiting. The result of the explosions rocked the ship, but also caused a massive energy cascade that sent arcs of electricity dancing in some of the hallways and shorting out equipment. The ship rolled onto it's 'side', causing a shift inside of the ship as artificial gravity gave out in several areas.

In the hanger, several fighters and shuttles whose mooring had reached their stress limits snapped and came crashing down to the side of the bay. In the munitions storage room, multiple ballistic warheads that were inside of their own protective cases clattered to the ground slide, while their main delivery shells lost their moorings and came crashing through the walls due to their immense weight.


The display flickered in and out, due to the power failures that were occuring throughout the ship, but what information could be displayed showed the following:

Code: [Select]
Warning! 01000011 01101111 01101110 01110100 01100001 01101001 01101110 01101101 01100101 01101110 01110100 00100000 01000100 01101111 01101111 01110010 Failure!
Warning! 01010000 01101111 01110111 01100101 01110010 Failure!
Danger! Internal Bio-sensors are offline! Unable to detect 01001100 01101001 01100110 01100101 01110011 01101001 01100111 01101110!

Alert! 01010101 01101110 01100001 01100010 01101100 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100100 01100101 01110100 01100101 01110010 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01100011 01100001 01110101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01000100 01100001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01110010 00100000 01101111 01110010 00100000 01000001 01101100 01100101 01110010 01110100 01110011 00101100 00100000 01110000 01101111 01110011 01110011 01101001 01100010 01101100 01100101 00100000 01101101 01100001 01101100 01100110 01110101 01101110 01100011 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110111 01101001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101101 01100001 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01110000 01110101 01110100 01100101 01110010 00101110


Internal power flickers on and off for several minutes, Aiu would hear the unmistakable sound of circuits overloading - at one point a box off to her left exploded, sending showers of sparks all around her; then suddenly the blast door opened up - enough to allow her to crawl through. Purplish light bathed the hallway, flickering in and out.


The flow of injured gradually increased, although with it with other crew that served as reserved healers. Overhead lights flickered and consoles were barely operational, with the way things looked, the healers would have to make-do with whatever they could since they wouldn't have access to any of the advanced tech that they had on the ship.

At a near by vent on the opposite side of the medical bay, wisps of smoke started to come out.


It was a mess getting to the mess hall, many of the hallways were either blocked or so choked with debris that they might as well have been blocked. Once Aiu got to the mess hall though she'd find that the bulkhead doors were sealed with a flickering holographic word over it: "Danger"


Ay'indri's checks would reveal that while the person was alive, their breathing was shallow, they also had a metal pipe that had gone through the lower right side of their chest. The person's left leg was crushed beneath some debris.

There were others in CiC, some moaning and groaning, others trying to put out fires. Two sat at still intact consoles trying to assess whatever weapons they still had, while a few more were trying to pry open a door - a door that had small amounts of smoke coming out of the seams.

As the ship gradually left it's bay, it began to head upwards. After a minute there were a series of rhythmic thumps as the ships top mounted turrets opened fire blew the launch bay doors apart, while parts of the door would fall into the water, most of it was blown outward into the air and would land either in the surroundings parks or evacuated districts.

It wouldn't take long for the ship to clear the exit doors and building would begin to appear on the screen. "Bridge to all crew, we are going to provide cover fire for our forces. Once we have arrived on station, all marines will deploy to the surface to assist in ground operations. Medics are to assist in the recovery of the injured," Chi'ka then switched to a private channel with Ay'indra.

~"Ay'indri, while you are to focus on firing the ships turrets, please also keep your hear to the communications channel. This ship has some of the best ease-dropping equipment you'll find, feel free to use it. If you can sniff out the enemies plans then it'll make it easier for us to counter them."~

With a sly grin Chi'ka crossed one leg over the other.


Perhaps to Aiu's surprise there were two crewmen there with injuries, both of which were on the ship preparing it for the ceremonial launch and were not at all prepared for combat, this meant that they both had varying degrees of injuries as a result of a brief firefight.

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The ship shuddered as klaxon's blared. Damage screens began to flicker to life in engineering, showing multiple levels of damage across the ships outer hull including a number of hull breaches.


Right away medical reports began to come in, people reporting of injuries brought about by the sudden violent shaking of the ship - which had only continued and was gradually getting worse as the minutes ticked by.

~"Mess Hall here! We have multiple injured crew!"~ one report came over the loud speaker, it was interspersed with a number of other reports which were quickly drowning each other out.


The bridge looked like it had been through harsh combat, multiple terminals were either destroyed or actively on fire, several of the crew lay prone on the ground - either dead or unconscious. Since it was the day shift, there weren't that many crew on the bridge so perhaps it would be considered a saving grace.

The view screen showed that ship was in a tumble, bolts of purplish lighting danced outside and every so often the screen would turn into static.

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Thankies for this Frosty! :D


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Furi'ken, FTL

Chi'ka sat cross-legged at her console, a pen balanced on the bridge of her nose while deep in thought. "It's been a week since we launched, no ceremony thanks to those fuckers," she remarked with a minor scowl. It had taken three extra days for them to root out what was left of the terrorists that had plagued the school city and even then there were still reports of sporadic fighting, but at least those reports also said that that the youth corp were at the forefront of fighting these pockets and that the navy was able to pull their own forces back.

With a sigh the shipmistress leaned forward and looked at the translucent display in front of her, a text pad opened up and the words 'journal entry' displayed above it. "Not much to really write about, things have been uneventful," as she spoke, the words would appear in the pad. "The crew seems to be in decent spirits, although I've noticed some worried about what this attack might mean."

"We still don't know how they managed to get past the defenses originally," she rubbed her chin. "Nor how they were able to disable some of the anti-air batteries so close to the perimeter, it's a mystery but one I hope is solved in the near future. If not by the forces on the ground, then by us," she grinned.

It was at this point that she turned to look at the cabin window, eyes peering at the white lines that quickly passed by as the ship traveled through FTL. For a moment she just stared, then noticed something strange about the space beyond, a swirling like motion in the background. She was about half way out of her chair when suddenly her cabin, and the entire ship, shook violently.

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If you wish to join our community, please join us in Discord and let us know. Registration is presently disabled due to idiotic bots from various countries.

Chi'ka waited by the boarding ramp, the one leading up into the ships cargohold, until everyone was on board. Then she marched up the ramp, once at the top she gestured to a crewmen to close the ramp and then walked into the elevator that took her up to the bridge.

"Disconnect all moorings," she shouted and took a seat in the command chair, she glanced briefly at the Lexicon's chair and for a moment wondered if she was ok. The bridge crew went to work, status screens flickered to life, showing several of the moorings coming lose until all were released.

"Command and Control," Chi'ka spoke as she looked at the bases external sensor scans. "You have authority to open fire on any ships over the city, civilian traffic has been cleared and been ordered to stay clear of the city."

She leaned back in her chair, glancing slightly toward the aviator. For a moment she thought about how they should proceed here, going through the underground canals would take them at least ten minutes given their distance from the water and the fact that they were in the center of the city. She considered the overhead launch doors, which were currently inoperable due to the lack of power.

"CiC," she spoke as the ship eased itself out of its dock. "Aim turrets three and four at the overhead doors, we have no power to open them so we'll just have to make our own exit," as she said this the ship gradually began to tilt upward, providing the third and forth turret a clear and accurate shot toward the doors. She didn't bother to mention that those turrets would not only blow the doors clean off but would also make them quite the target, then again, that was the plan.

Neshakushin Empire / Siege of the Capital
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Imperial Palace, Kushin Prime
2200 Hours

Thunder boomed outside as the palace was awash with activity, palace workers were running from every which way while soldiers were heading toward the palace balconys. Amidst the organized chaos, the Emperor and Empress walked and inspected the troops as they went about their business. "They know what they are doing," remarked the Emperor, a My'leke whose his tail moved gradually side to side, "Then again with the capital world under threat.." his voice trailed off as the two walked through an open door and onto the balcony.

Rain fell hard onto the stone floor, running off to the sides and then down a gutter. The Empress, a Daur who looked to be no more than five or six in human years, glanced upward towards the sky. "They slipped past our defenses with a small force," she muttered with a scowl as lights began to appear among the clouds. "Weapons at the ready!" She walked toward one of the many gun emplacements that had been set up along the balcony.

"Empress, the city shield is active," one of the soldiers remarked.

Hearing this the girl felt a tingle on her skin and noticed a faint blue cast itself across the sky. Indeed, the city shield was active now and just in-time, a large force of starfighters suddenly broke through the clouds and headed toward the capital, their weapons ablaze. Upon hitting the shield several of the fighters peeled off, but some didn't make it and found themselves splashing themselves across the barrier and leaving behind a trail of broken wreckage.

Suddenly the air erupted as triple-A emplacements opened fired on the remaining enemies, splashing several and causing the rest to flee into the clouds. The torrent of fire stopped briefly, the Empress turned to her side and muttered something to another soldier, who placed their hand up against their ear and spoke a few words into their mic. This was followed seconds later by a thunderous roar that blasted the clouds away, leaving a trail from the point of origin to the point of impact, an enemy warship - measuring three hundred meters long - was struck along it's starboard side, a hole punched clean through with fire erupting from the other side.

The ship listed to port and then began to fall toward the ground below. Another boom, and another ship - this one five hundred meters across - was torn from steam to stern and it to started to fall toward the ground below. The sounds of the guns fell silent as the clouds quickly rolled back in, then the fighers came back out but this time they made their way toward the source of their allies destruction, only to be meet with a torrent of plasma and magitech fire that brought several of them down just outside of the capital's perimeter.

"Status of the 2nd fleet?" The Emperor asked.

The Empress, curious herself, swipped her hand across the air as a transparent screen appeared. "They'll be arriving via emergency jump in less than ten seconds."

"Destination point?" The Emperor asked, but his question was soon answered when the clouds were once again blown aside as dozens of vessels suddenly appeared within the planets lower stratosphere.

The Empress smiled, although this is somethign that the navy didn't like doing since coming out of Rift Space in-atmosphere was very dangerous and could result in damage to the planet or even the surrouding area, sometimes there wasn't much choice. The citizens lives were at risk and she wasn't about to play it safe and wait several hours. She looked at the Emperor, smiled, and then her body faded out of existence.

Stratosphere, KRN-Kojia

"We've arrived ma'am," the helmsmen said as the Empress exited the communications room and walked toward the center of the ship. "Holding steady at 30 kilometers above the ground, all ships are turning in," another officer shouted.

The Empress nodded and turned to look at the holographic display that showed the battlefield. There were over one hundred small ships making up the Vincon'hansaw Naval Force and only thirty of their own. "I feel sorry," she folded her arms over her chest and then grinned. "For them that is," she looked away. "Order all ships to fire, target the lead vessel and ram it!"

Chi'ka tapped her lower chin in thought as she listened and then nodded. "Ok people," she turned toward her crew and looked at them each individually before continuing. "Let's get ready to-," her voice was cut off when their comm's suddenly lit up.

Ground Force Command to all troops! Enemies have breached the wall, repeat, enemies have breached the wall! V'kaste's Legion is holding them back but suffering losses! Request reinforcements!

This was then followed by another voice:

Air Control to all fighters, enemy warships inbound from the east! Count five. Scramble all fighters, intercept.

The Shipmistress grumbles and turned toward the ship. "Looks like the plans have changed," she shouted and looked at the troops whom had come to their aid. "Board the Furi'ken, bring main weapons online and prefer for an emergency departure."

She looked at her marines. "Marines, report to CiC for weapons operations."

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