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Ay'indri wore a look of concentration after wringing her hands together with sanitizer and donned a pair of blue gloves. Bending over her patient, the agent went about tending the wounded man. Ay'indri, however, was far better at killing than healing, though it came as a source of information to draw from for the basics of first aid. It was enough to help staunch the bleeding provided her patient didn't move around too much. She told them as such while she injected a low-level dose of something to help numb the pain.

That was the extent of what she could do. It would have to hold until a medic arrived on the bridge or they could someh- the half-formed thought popped as a voice boomed over the bridge loudspeakers. Her furry ears twitched, and her eyes widened. On reflex, Ay'indri bent low over the wounded crewman preparing to use her body to shield them if necessary.

Ay'indri sucked at her teeth as she read the readout. What ever had wreaked havoc on the ship had certainly done its job. The agent muttered to herself as she kept the line open with the healer, "Internal biological sensors are down, you're on your own in finding the injured crew. I will keep the line open in case others are able to call for aid." Routing the channel was relatively easy if not a little annoying given the ship's status as being damaged.

With that done, the small fox picked up the medkit again and sprinted back to her patient. Kneeling beside them, Ay'indri opened the kit to get a better look of what she had to work with.


Ay'indri got to her feet and looked about. Consoles that had suddenly poofed into spilling their innards, flames licking at circuitry and wiring stung her dainty little nose. People were either trying to figure out just what was going on, a few were down, some groaned yet others lay still. Taking stock of what was going on had been blessedly brief.

Stepping around debris, limbs, and bodies, the small agent arrived at her destination. It was a wall panel with wording imprinted upon it. Contents, plus the usual spiel of possible punishment if used outside of an emergency. Her fingers ran along the recess on its left side before digging into it and pulling. The thing came open with a small wobbly pop. Inside were some firefighting equipment, mainly two small extinguishers, masks and thank her lucky stars a medical kit. Grabbing the kit, she whistled at the others; pointing to the other goodies inside.

Afterward, Ay'indri had begun to make her way back to the injured crewman, when a voice came over the nearby console. With a grimace, she tapped at the screen until the channel opened. Aiu's voice warbled over the built-in audio. Leaning forward, Ay'indri spoke: "We have our hands full up here at the moment, give me a minute." just to let the woman know they were also in their own little situation.

The kit clattered to the deck, the agent wiped at her brow as she worked the console as fast as she dared. With damage seemingly all over the ship, it was likely a death trap waiting to happen. She brought up the deck's bulkhead systems, looking for the access control for the mess-hall. Only to find a 'Danger' warning accompanying it. So she queried the system as to why that was before she'd decide upon opening it.

Ay'indri took stock of the bridge. Stations were lighting up and people seemed to go about their tasks. Her name being called one of the small agent's ears rotated toward the sound. She was to take over the weapons? Well, it would certainly be more active than just reading through reams of reports. She'd happily dig through intel to find the hidden nuggets of information. But taking over part of the ship's combative systems held more allure.

The station wasn't manned when she picked her way through people and consoles. Hopping into the seat, Ay'indri then brought up the ship's weapon systems, reading the incoming data on their state of readiness and varied loadout.

Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
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Ay'indri seemed to walk into chaos. Screens and stations sparked or displaying their innards through cracked casings. The smell of ozone, blood, and burnt flesh wafted about her. It was the sort of thing that could cause one's gorge to rise if not properly prepared. At that moment the agent almost lost it amidst the chaos. But it was not to be, as she forced herself to hold it down. With a shake of her head to try and clear it, Ay'indri staggered along to the closest of the injured while gingerly touching the knot forming on the back of her head.

Kneeling, Ay'indri tried to assess the poor soul's injuries.

Ay'indri, the short, stoic agent of Or'ion had retreated to the CIC. If she couldn't get at the enemy physically, she would have to settle for gathering intelligence. She murmured to an analyst in thanks as reports on the city's attack flowed to her screen. Looking at it caused her to frown. Just how had they managed it? The question prickled at the back of her mind. They likely had help that much was a given. But that opened its own can of worms.

Muttering to herself, Ay'indri spared a moment to lean back in her chair and stretch. A stretch that normally didn't involve one flying backward out of their seat. She didn't stay down long, but soon likely found herself the proud new owner of several bruises and bumps. Using her chair to brace herself as the agent shook her head. Multi-colored spots swam in her vision and shaking only seemed to intensify the ache in her neck and the back of her head.

While others worried over their comrades, picking them up and assessing possible injuries, Ay'indri slipped out from the CIC onto the bridge proper to see if she could help.

Ay'indri had made a beeline right for the CIC once she arrived on the bridge. The small Or'ion agent spoke quickly to a few people there and began to check the logs coming in. She seemed particularly interested in what was being said on the city defense net. Just how did they manage to get there with little to no notice? Her eyes narrowed a little as she both listened to what was being piped in through audio and looking at a screen.

She lightly tapped a fingernail against the console while thinking. The most obvious would be that someone had somehow managed to get them through. Or perhaps provided valuable information on the defenses of the city itself. The thought of a mole soured her mood even further. Reports kept coming in and she kept browsing them as necessary. She felt helpless, her job was to root out the enemy from within and from without. And the best way she knew how was to see to the business herself, in person with a gun or sword in hand. Ay'indri sucked on her teeth making a 'Tch' sound.

Ay'indri looked to her communicator, eyes narrowing as more incoming radio chatter piped through the small device. Well, there was no time to pause and reflect on her prior suspicions. There were enemies of the Kingdom that needed slaying. And she would reap her harvest if she get to them. As the Shipmistress barked out her orders, the agent sideswiped the comm's touch sensitive screen and then pocketed it.

The young fox looked to those brave few on their side, and promptly turned on her heel and marched toward the ship to board without comment or complaint.

Listening, Ay'indri's lips drew down into an ever deepening frown. Well, now she knew where that transport from earlier had went. Or at least she theorized. Leaving the communicator open, the short Daur looked up. She had nothing to say on the subject beyond one word: "Orders?"

The agent stared at the deceased enemy laying limp before her. Too quick, and entirely too clean. Well, minus the entrails resting like the wet sacks of soft tissue they were. Ay'indri added further disrespect of the deceased by wiping their own blood on the dead Laibe's coveralls. At the approach of this new mixed group of the Kingdom's soldiers, the tiny, jet-haired Daur's countenance went stony as she listened.

That ship from earlier? she wished to add at the mentions of the north sector. It caused her tail to sway ever so slightly. Feeling eyes on her, Ay'indri turned to Chi'ka. Comms? It made her wonder as well if anything had happened since their hurried flight to the hangar.

Ay'indri pulled her communicator out, after sheathing her knife. On its touch screen, the agent flicked her thumb back and forth for a moment. On speaker, she held it close trying to find if the base's wider commnet was still jammed.

The sight and smell of fresh blood sent an almost primal thrill down her spine. Of which she firmly reined in as her knife was freed from the gaping wound. Crimson blood had dribbled down the knife's grip and onto her small hand. There wasn't enough to cause any slippage to hamper its use thankfully. After the Laibe's abdomen was introduced to a pointy sheet of forged titanium and plastic, her sword came back down in an overhanded slash. Seeing steaming guts was one thing, watching them die an excruciatingly slow death was another. And sadly she simply did not have the time to drag it out. It was do or die, kill or be killed.

The Or'ion Agent continued laying down fire into this new group of enemies. Movement out of the corner of her eye drew her attention and from that, a charging Laibe knife in hand and a snarl firmly plastered across their muzzle. She did not fall back but rushed at the rusher, sidearm forgotten and in its place, a sword and knife of her own. It was an unusual combination, one that seemed to suit her movements and stance. The longer sword swept upward in a riposte to deflect the incoming attack even as she moved in closer and slashed at her enemy's belly with the knife.

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