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Title: Furi'ken, Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 1
Post by: Kalshion on September 26, 2018, 10:14:33 PM
This is a continuation of a RP on another forum:


The sound of weapons fire kept Chi'ka somewhat near the ground, not out of fear, but because mixed in with the enemies weapons were those of others that were flying over their heads and splashing across the sides of the hull of the Furi'ken. Lucky for us small arms fire is ineffective against the hull of a ship... she muttered to herself and watched as two more enemies went down from her crewmen's onslaught.

Soon, one of the enemy soldiers broke ranks and - pulling a knife - rushed Ay'indri and then another moved toward Micalio while a third made their way toward Barbanov. The last one standing looked around, their eyes falling upon Aiu'tarou and then looking toward Barbanov, apparently unsure whom to attack....
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Post by: Aria on September 26, 2018, 11:12:36 PM
The surrounding world rushed back to Aiu'tarou the moment Barbanov pushed her gun down. She sighed in relief, glad to have some reassurance that her decision was okay.

But at that moment, she saw an enemy sprinting right toward Barbanov, knife in hand. Without hesitation, she pushed herself off the ground, letting the gun drop to the floor. Time felt like it slowed down for her as she pulled out her Seta'sis Sword and lunged to intercept the knife.

As long as I can move, I won't let them hurt you!
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Post by: club24 on September 27, 2018, 07:29:02 PM
Micalio poked her head up in time to see the enemy rushing her position with weapons drawn. The red haired fox pointed her own needle pistol towards them and squeezed the trigger, finding she only had a few rounds left as the mechanism clicked signalling she needed to reload. "Guys I'm out! I need cover!" She half yelled half squeaked, eyes widening as the enemy kept rushing her.
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Post by: Soresu on September 30, 2018, 08:56:39 PM
The Or'ion Agent continued laying down fire into this new group of enemies. Movement out of the corner of her eye drew her attention and from that, a charging Laibe knife in hand and a snarl firmly plastered across their muzzle. She did not fall back but rushed at the rusher, sidearm forgotten and in its place, a sword and knife of her own. It was an unusual combination, one that seemed to suit her movements and stance. The longer sword swept upward in a riposte to deflect the incoming attack even as she moved in closer and slashed at her enemy's belly with the knife.
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Post by: SirSkully on October 03, 2018, 07:58:27 PM
Barbanov was a little blindsided by the attack, only noticing the tango rushing them with a knife when it was almost too late for the golden-brown haired medical fox - though the boy did at least manage to throw himself on his back to avoid the attack and almost considered emptying his magazine into the enemy's kneecaps for going anywhere near his fellow medic with the adorably floppy ear.

Instead though, the boy drew one leg back and quickly shot it forward to drive his heel toward the opponent's groin with an effort-filled grunt of determination - that wouldn't've been much fun for them.
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Post by: Kalshion on October 07, 2018, 11:42:53 PM
Chi'ka scowled at this suicide run, she knew that their enemy was desperate but she didn't expect them to be this desperate, as she raised her firearm and fired off a series of shots toward the one rushing toward Ay'indri, the other one that went after Aiu'tarou stumbled back after their knife had been parried, she stared at the Daur; a slight scowl on their face as she stared down their 'prey'.

Micalio's shots, despite being few, found a mark on the Laibe that was rushing her - as one stuck in the enemies chest just between the armor inserts and detonated, causing a spray of blood to hit the ground and the enemy to collapse in agonizing pain.

Barbanov's attack seemed to have its mark, a rather excruciating hit at that, as the boot landed between the Laibe's legs - the soldier let out a howl as they dropped their knife and placed a hand over their groin. Tears ran down the soldiers face from the pain as he looked at the Daur. "I can't believe you kicked me there..." the soldier muttered.

As far as the Agent's attack was, well, it didn't end well for that enemy either as the knife was deflected upward and caused the Laibe to stumble, only for the agent's knife to slice into their belly and caused some of their guts to spill out.
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Post by: Aria on October 08, 2018, 10:14:36 AM
Alright, your attention is on me, Aiu thought, adjusting her hands and waiting to counter the knife again. She was confident she could stall the enemy for a while; her training was purely on defense with zero intent of offense. She was as good as a wall. More like a shield, that's a bit more elegant.

She wanted to glance at Barbanov to see if he was okay, but she knew not to look away from an opponent. "Barb, everything okay back th-" A high-pitched yelp answered her question.

"There you have it," Aiu said, addressing the Laibe assailant. She didn't want to hurt them, but she didn't want to see them horribly tortured either. "This is your chance to throw down your weapon and run. You really don't want to be tortured like the last guy, that... that was just not a good way to go..." She didn't mention that the Laibe would probably be shot in the back when running, but that probably wouldn't have helped her case. At least they would die instantly. Aiu immediately hated herself for thinking that, but it was true.
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Post by: Soresu on October 14, 2018, 07:13:39 PM
The sight and smell of fresh blood sent an almost primal thrill down her spine. Of which she firmly reined in as her knife was freed from the gaping wound. Crimson blood had dribbled down the knife's grip and onto her small hand. There wasn't enough to cause any slippage to hamper its use thankfully. After the Laibe's abdomen was introduced to a pointy sheet of forged titanium and plastic, her sword came back down in an overhanded slash. Seeing steaming guts was one thing, watching them die an excruciatingly slow death was another. And sadly she simply did not have the time to drag it out. It was do or die, kill or be killed.
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Post by: SirSkully on October 18, 2018, 06:17:10 PM
He didn't smile at the enemy's pain, but Barbanov would be lying if he said the feeling of the soldier crumpling under his heel wasn't a tad satisfying - especially since it was helping keep his floppy-eared fellow medic safe.

Without taking his golden eyes off of the whimpering enemy, the golden-brown haired fox began carefully pulling himself upright with a slight wince as the injured leg was used - though in that moment there were clearly more pressing matters at hand.

"Do it! drop the knife!" Barbanov demanded, pointing his gun at their chest as he stood a little protectively in front of Aiu, pistol pointed at the enemy combatant's chest - there was a slight growl in the boy's voice as he spoke again.

"You don't need to end up in a bodybag but give me a reason and I will fucking drop you!" it was a little unbecoming of the fox, he was usually so laid back and kind but they dared to try and hurt Aiu - he wasn't 100% why it was this ally in particular that he chose to be so protective over, especially after only having just met her but Barb's blood was boiling.

He never had been a master of his own anger and he'd probably apologise for being so vocal a little later but right now the Medic's finger half-squeezed down on his sidearm's trigger just in case they tried anything.
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Post by: club24 on October 20, 2018, 05:34:57 PM
Micalio winced hearing the sounds coming from the Laibe but calmly reloaded and fired once more to put the enemy out of their misery at least, she wasn't meant to be fighting like this she was an engineer for crying out loud. But the red haired fox already knew she would do whatever she had to since her time on the open battlefields had taught her well.

"Enemy down, how many more do we have?" She asked looking around and seeing Barbanov and Aiu still engaged with another. She raised her own weapon intending to put a few spikes through his head and end it there but hesitated. If they were in a standoff maybe something important was happening.
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Post by: Kalshion on October 25, 2018, 03:08:12 PM
Chi'ka watched, listened; the enemy had been broken, those that still stood seemed to give up and dropped their weapons.

She raised her pistol, and glanced at those still standing in turn. There were moans from the injured, it was clear that this must've been a hasty attack since the enemy seemed rather unprepared to encounter resistance from them.

The group that the Laibe had been running from appeared in the opening, stopping short of going through it and then shouting something that sounded like a code - Chi'ka responded and a mixed group of Daur and My'leke appeared. "Thanks for the assist," the lead Daur said she approached Chi'ka and her group.

"What is going on?" Chi'ka asked, her pistol still out due to the presence of their enemy.

The Daur let out a sigh and looked toward the Laibe. "It is as you see, the terrorists launched an attack on the northern sector of the city, then dropped a team into the central sector. We've lost contact with command and we've had word that there is fighting along the tunnels leading to the cities central power station." The Daur gestured to her soldiers to tie up the prisoners. "My men can take it from here, we don't have a ship, but you do. Could you provide support on the northern sector?" she asked.

"We can, keep in mind that we don't have a full crew though," Chi'ka responded, shifting her weight and looking up at her ship.

"That is fine, so long as you can provide support fire and get your infantry into combat. My men will take these prisoners in and then head for the main reactor, also, in regards to command... have you heard anything?" The daur inquired.

Chi'ka rubbed her chin, then looked at Ay'indri. "Any word on the comm's?" she ased.
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Post by: Soresu on October 26, 2018, 03:48:06 PM
The agent stared at the deceased enemy laying limp before her. Too quick, and entirely too clean. Well, minus the entrails resting like the wet sacks of soft tissue they were. Ay'indri added further disrespect of the deceased by wiping their own blood on the dead Laibe's coveralls. At the approach of this new mixed group of the Kingdom's soldiers, the tiny, jet-haired Daur's countenance went stony as she listened.

That ship from earlier? she wished to add at the mentions of the north sector. It caused her tail to sway ever so slightly. Feeling eyes on her, Ay'indri turned to Chi'ka. Comms? It made her wonder as well if anything had happened since their hurried flight to the hangar.

Ay'indri pulled her communicator out, after sheathing her knife. On its touch screen, the agent flicked her thumb back and forth for a moment. On speaker, she held it close trying to find if the base's wider commnet was still jammed.
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Post by: Kalshion on November 07, 2018, 09:24:35 PM
All that Ay'indri would hear was bits of a conversation going on between the control tower that they'd monitored earlier, and someone else:

Code: [Select]
Tower: How many are there?
Unknown: At least a single company.
Tower: Direction?
Unknown: West side of the city, the area that is still under construction.
Tower: Anyone intercepting?
Unknown: The militia is, but the last message from them was that they are holding the line but need reinforcements.
Tower: Didn't the commander send any?
Unknown: Not that I am aware of, so far the base commander hasn't responded to our requests for --- ah shit!. *static*
Tower: What's wrong? Hey! Respond?! *static*, crap.. what the hell is going on with the commander?
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Post by: Soresu on November 08, 2018, 08:25:11 PM
Listening, Ay'indri's lips drew down into an ever deepening frown. Well, now she knew where that transport from earlier had went. Or at least she theorized. Leaving the communicator open, the short Daur looked up. She had nothing to say on the subject beyond one word: "Orders?"
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Post by: SirSkully on November 14, 2018, 07:43:08 PM
Barbanov let out a loud sigh as the enemy gave up, a thankful sigh that dropped the boy's shoulders as his head dipped forwards - the medical fox's ears drooped slightly as his pistol's safety was flicked on and he turned back around to face Aiu with those large, golden eyes that beamed apologetically.

"I... sorry about that..."Barb's voice trailed off as he gave an apologetic smile and rubbed the back of his neck, those white teeth piercing through the partially dried layer of grit and grime that covered his person - hair and fur alike were matted with filth and would take a good while to get clean but he was just happy to still be alive.

There was a pained wince as he turned around, the leg was still tender after his improvised field-treatment of it but otherwise Barb was uninjured - afterall most of that blood wasn't his.

"How about you Aiu? you okay?" the boy asked his gentler medic counterpart, taking a moment to look the floppy-eared Daur up and down for any injuries she might have - gingerly resting a hand on her shoulder.
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Post by: Aria on November 14, 2018, 09:33:53 PM
Aiu'tarou shook as those harsh words ran through her head. She slid one foot back, putting just a little distance between the two. Her arms curled tightly in front of her chest.

Why am I so scared? The enemy I expected this anger from, but... a friend...

Then Barbanov dropped the pressure and sank his shoulders. He turned around and all Aiu could see was a young boy who played too rough and was being scolded. That gentle expression calmed Aiu a little too well, tears welling up in her eyes.

His warm hand on her shoulder broke the dam.

She closed in and squeezed him in a tight embrace, burying her face in his chest. All the stress and pain from the battle she had bottled up had broken and no words slipped out between the sobs.
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Post by: SirSkully on November 14, 2018, 10:52:26 PM
Barbanov's golden eyes widened as his fellow medic buried her face in his chest, for a moment the Daur was startled and caught off guard by the gesture until he heard Aiu's faint sobbing - that kicked the lad into gear, making him holster his pistol and wrap his lithe arms around her shoulders, the large and fluffy tail attached to his hind hugged around her lower back as Barb attempted to comfort her.

"...there there..." his voice gently muttered into one of her ears, a soothing tone that had all but forgotten about his own emotional outburst just moments ago - a few of the things Aiu said earlier drifted through his mind as Barbanov gently squeezed her, more used to the one giving hugs than being the one receiving them.

"It's over, you're safe now Aiu..." he continued, though he'd be lying if the first half of that line wasn't partially an apology.
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Post by: Aria on November 15, 2018, 11:09:41 AM
"That's not... that's not..." Aiu muttered, but she couldn't form her thoughts into words between tears. She wanted to tell him it wasn't about her safety. She wanted to tell him about feeling helpless. Helpless and stuck watching pain and suffering all around her. Waking up surrounded by new friends dead on the floor. Violence used to justify violence.

And the thought of a friend being pulled down that cruel path.

Aiu had thought Barb was strong as he stood up against the enemy in defense of his crew with a reassuring smile. Now she wasn't so sure. He was fallible like she was. He needed someone to watch over him and keep him from steering away from that happy light. Aiu slowly pulled herself back, eyes still focused on his chest.

"Ah, I got a little blood on your uniform, sorry," she said quietly, rubbing the spot a little with her sleeve to try and clean it. She was distracting herself, she realized. Aiu sniffled to clear her nose, then looked at Barb directly with her bright sky blue eyes.

"Please... don't become like them..."
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Post by: SirSkully on November 20, 2018, 11:44:00 PM

"Please... don't become like them..."

Those words bounced around the boy's head for a bit, is that how she saw him? as somebody who might become the enemy? he needed to resolve this.

"No I... I'm the one that's sorry," Barb spoke as he looked down to Aiu's shorter frame, moving to wrap the floppy-eared girl in his warm embrace once more - holding back his own tears as Barbanov held her close and began apologizing more.

"I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry... I get mad but, I'm still me I promise," the injured, dirty and very sorry medic tried to convince her - he never had been in complete control of this anger that welled inside him, a force that built and built until he couldn't hide it anymore and it exploded. Today had been rough on everyone involved, so much loss and pain and confusion - it was a lot to take it.

"...please forgive me..."was the last thing muttered as Barbanov stood there in silence, his tail looking to wrap around Aiu's and ask for forgiveness as he embraced her - one clear thing was on his mind though, somebody needed to be there to protect this sweet girl and he couldn't do that if he was going to explode when things got tough.
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Post by: Aria on November 21, 2018, 12:43:21 PM
Now it was Aiu's turn to be caught off guard as she was pulled back into Barb's embrace. She realized her words were a bit too blunt, a problem she tends to have. Barb was a sweet Daur who had an extremely rough day just like her.

Aiu wrapped her arms around him once again and tried to copy his tail hug, but her tail could only wrap around his knees. Instead she remembered what she did for her little brother for years. She reached her right arm up, a bit of a stretch for her, and gently rubbed his head from behind.

"It's okay, it's okay. I forgive you of course. We all get angry sometimes, I just wanted to ask that you don't let it control you. I don't think it would, but it was an emotional impulse for me to ask. Sorry about that."
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Post by: Kalshion on December 12, 2018, 12:22:12 PM
Chi'ka tapped her lower chin in thought as she listened and then nodded. "Ok people," she turned toward her crew and looked at them each individually before continuing. "Let's get ready to-," her voice was cut off when their comm's suddenly lit up.

Ground Force Command to all troops! Enemies have breached the wall, repeat, enemies have breached the wall! V'kaste's Legion is holding them back but suffering losses! Request reinforcements!

This was then followed by another voice:

Air Control to all fighters, enemy warships inbound from the east! Count five. Scramble all fighters, intercept.

The Shipmistress grumbles and turned toward the ship. "Looks like the plans have changed," she shouted and looked at the troops whom had come to their aid. "Board the Furi'ken, bring main weapons online and prefer for an emergency departure."

She looked at her marines. "Marines, report to CiC for weapons operations."

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Post by: club24 on December 16, 2018, 10:11:46 PM
Micalio nodded at the new orders, despite being an engineer orders were orders and she could fight after all. After the last battle it seemed the two healers couldn't handle the stress and had somewhat cracked, she hadn't being paying them much attention since she was focusing on her own issues. "Not to rain on your parade, but we're still under attack and can't be wasting too much time." The red haired fox said gently, she was no stone cold killer either but it would be bad for all of them if they didn't pull their heads into the game.

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Post by: Aria on December 17, 2018, 11:17:37 AM
"Ah!" Aiu yelped, jumping a little in surprise. She suddenly realized how they must have looked to those around them. She pulled herself away, her face burning bright red. The sensation of his fluffy golden hair still lingered on her hand. I've never done something like that before and we literally just met!

"W-we should get o-onto the ship," Aiu stammered, turning away from Barbanov and trying to focus back on the mission. That would prove difficult for her though as her heart raced.
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Post by: Soresu on December 17, 2018, 09:23:13 PM
Ay'indri looked to her communicator, eyes narrowing as more incoming radio chatter piped through the small device. Well, there was no time to pause and reflect on her prior suspicions. There were enemies of the Kingdom that needed slaying. And she would reap her harvest if she get to them. As the Shipmistress barked out her orders, the agent sideswiped the comm's touch sensitive screen and then pocketed it.

The young fox looked to those brave few on their side, and promptly turned on her heel and marched toward the ship to board without comment or complaint.
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Post by: Kalshion on January 04, 2019, 11:28:54 PM
Chi'ka waited by the boarding ramp, the one leading up into the ships cargohold, until everyone was on board. Then she marched up the ramp, once at the top she gestured to a crewmen to close the ramp and then walked into the elevator that took her up to the bridge.

"Disconnect all moorings," she shouted and took a seat in the command chair, she glanced briefly at the Lexicon's chair and for a moment wondered if she was ok. The bridge crew went to work, status screens flickered to life, showing several of the moorings coming lose until all were released.

"Command and Control," Chi'ka spoke as she looked at the bases external sensor scans. "You have authority to open fire on any ships over the city, civilian traffic has been cleared and been ordered to stay clear of the city."

She leaned back in her chair, glancing slightly toward the aviator. For a moment she thought about how they should proceed here, going through the underground canals would take them at least ten minutes given their distance from the water and the fact that they were in the center of the city. She considered the overhead launch doors, which were currently inoperable due to the lack of power.

"CiC," she spoke as the ship eased itself out of its dock. "Aim turrets three and four at the overhead doors, we have no power to open them so we'll just have to make our own exit," as she said this the ship gradually began to tilt upward, providing the third and forth turret a clear and accurate shot toward the doors. She didn't bother to mention that those turrets would not only blow the doors clean off but would also make them quite the target, then again, that was the plan.
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Post by: Aria on January 09, 2019, 11:16:53 AM
Once on board the ship, Aiu jogged over to the medical bay. She wasn't sure if there were many injured, but she wanted to be ready to respond quickly if anyone needed assistance. That and the medbay felt like the place she belonged, where she could be useful to everyone and not just a target.

Aiu reached the medbay and flipped on the lights. She sat in the silence of the still room and breathed deeply. That impromptu crying helped a lot, though it was definitely not professional. I need to do better containing myself...
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Post by: SirSkully on January 17, 2019, 01:02:39 AM
"Yeah... yeah, sorry," Barbanov spoke back to Micalio as Aiu moved out of his embrace, he'd hugged people before but that was something else entirely, much more intense than when greeting a family member or friend - and his family was almost the definition the tactile sort, a DePolanskaya family meetup was... something alright.

The golden-brown medical fox ran his hands back through his shaggy hair briefly before giving the engineer one final nod and then moving to board the ship, heading towards the armoury to strip out of the ruined armour and into his more sterile underclothes which consisted of a white shirt and some blue boxer shorts over his lean frame - hissing a little out of pain as he ran some cold water over the burn on his hand to clean and, in the long run, soothe it before applying a little bit of ointment to the angry flesh and then a medical glove to cover it.

It was a good enough fix for now, so the clean-shaven boy casually stepped out into the hallway in his undergarments and began walking off towards his room, tail lazily bobbing and swaying with each step.

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Post by: Soresu on January 23, 2019, 07:56:02 PM
Ay'indri had made a beeline right for the CIC once she arrived on the bridge. The small Or'ion agent spoke quickly to a few people there and began to check the logs coming in. She seemed particularly interested in what was being said on the city defense net. Just how did they manage to get there with little to no notice? Her eyes narrowed a little as she both listened to what was being piped in through audio and looking at a screen.

She lightly tapped a fingernail against the console while thinking. The most obvious would be that someone had somehow managed to get them through. Or perhaps provided valuable information on the defenses of the city itself. The thought of a mole soured her mood even further. Reports kept coming in and she kept browsing them as necessary. She felt helpless, her job was to root out the enemy from within and from without. And the best way she knew how was to see to the business herself, in person with a gun or sword in hand. Ay'indri sucked on her teeth making a 'Tch' sound.
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Post by: Kalshion on February 14, 2019, 12:12:10 AM
As the ship gradually left it's bay, it began to head upwards. After a minute there were a series of rhythmic thumps as the ships top mounted turrets opened fire blew the launch bay doors apart, while parts of the door would fall into the water, most of it was blown outward into the air and would land either in the surroundings parks or evacuated districts.

It wouldn't take long for the ship to clear the exit doors and building would begin to appear on the screen. "Bridge to all crew, we are going to provide cover fire for our forces. Once we have arrived on station, all marines will deploy to the surface to assist in ground operations. Medics are to assist in the recovery of the injured," Chi'ka then switched to a private channel with Ay'indra.

~"Ay'indri, while you are to focus on firing the ships turrets, please also keep your hear to the communications channel. This ship has some of the best ease-dropping equipment you'll find, feel free to use it. If you can sniff out the enemies plans then it'll make it easier for us to counter them."~

With a sly grin Chi'ka crossed one leg over the other.


Perhaps to Aiu's surprise there were two crewmen there with injuries, both of which were on the ship preparing it for the ceremonial launch and were not at all prepared for combat, this meant that they both had varying degrees of injuries as a result of a brief firefight.
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Post by: Aria on February 14, 2019, 12:39:00 PM
"A-ah, sorry!" Aiu hastily apologized upon seeing two injured people waiting for attention. "I'm sorry no one was stationed in the medbay, I'll look at you right-" Aiu stopped walking halfway to the patients, remembering she was still covered in blood and probably looked as bad as they did.

"...I'll go sterilize first, just give me a second," she muttered before jogging over to a nearby sink. One glance at the mirror instantly made her regret looking at her disheveled self. For now, she ran her hands under the water and scrubbed till most of the blood and dirt came off, then splashed water on her face. She used some soap to get what she could off her face, but it seemed only a long, hot shower would make her feel clean again. She looked at herself again, seeing a slightly cleaner but tired Daur staring back at her.

Aiu wondered briefly if she should call Barb here as well. She might die of a heart attack if left alone with him after what she did. Though, this was his job too, and things might get busy soon as more people made their way here. With a sigh, she pulled out her data pad and composed a professional sounding message to Barb.

"C'Baruce Barbanov, this is C'Baruce Aiu'tarou. We have two injured crewmates in the medbay. I should be able to handle this much on my own, but be advised more may show up as things calm down. Please either report here when you get the chance or at least be on call in case anything happens. Thank you."

With that out of the way, Aiu slipped on some medical gloves and jogged over to the patients. "Alright, sorry for the wait! Whose in worse shape and what happened?"
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Post by: SirSkully on February 15, 2019, 11:54:39 PM
Now in his room, Barb's fuzzy ears twitched slightly toward the sound of his communicator going off, so the slightly cleaner fox finished pulling into his duty attire rather than the ruined battle-dress that he had been wearing prior and picked up the small device - a small sigh left the medical fox's lips as he read the text, sure enough it was Aiu, he may have offended her or messed up in some way but there were people that needed medical attention and no reason to make her job harder than it should be.

He at least owed Aiu that much.

"I was cleaning up, sorry, will be there in a moment," Medical Officer DePolanskaya shot back, a much briefer and less professional message than miss floppy-ear had sent, the golden-brown-furred Daur finished pulling the uniform over his lithe form and began making his way to the Infirmary.
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Post by: Soresu on March 03, 2019, 05:47:47 PM
Ay'indri took stock of the bridge. Stations were lighting up and people seemed to go about their tasks. Her name being called one of the small agent's ears rotated toward the sound. She was to take over the weapons? Well, it would certainly be more active than just reading through reams of reports. She'd happily dig through intel to find the hidden nuggets of information. But taking over part of the ship's combative systems held more allure.

The station wasn't manned when she picked her way through people and consoles. Hopping into the seat, Ay'indri then brought up the ship's weapon systems, reading the incoming data on their state of readiness and varied loadout.