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Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by Aria on April 15, 2019, 10:38:24 PM »
Aiu sprinted through the chaotic hallways, each moment passing making her more desperate to reach the mess hall. She continued running despite dead ends and ragged rubble. Her foot slipped on loose debris, but she caught herself and clutched her medical bag tightly against her. I can't let myself get hurt again. As her muscles began to beg for rest, she finally turned the corner to the mess hall.

Her heart sank. Tremendously tough doors sealed her away from those she came to save. Aiu ran up to the door anyway and pounded like an abandoned child.

"Please! Open the door! I'm here to help, I just need in!" After a few moments of dead silence, her hands slid down the smooth, cold door. I can't just give up on them, but what can I do!? Then she remembered the communicator in her bag. She thrashed around inside until she found it and tried to operate it through shaking hands.

"Bridge, this is Aiu'tarou," she began, forgetting about rank. "Do you read me? I need access to the mess hall to help injured crew, please open the blast doors!"
Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by Kalshion on April 14, 2019, 10:17:27 PM »

The flow of injured gradually increased, although with it with other crew that served as reserved healers. Overhead lights flickered and consoles were barely operational, with the way things looked, the healers would have to make-do with whatever they could since they wouldn't have access to any of the advanced tech that they had on the ship.

At a near by vent on the opposite side of the medical bay, wisps of smoke started to come out.


It was a mess getting to the mess hall, many of the hallways were either blocked or so choked with debris that they might as well have been blocked. Once Aiu got to the mess hall though she'd find that the bulkhead doors were sealed with a flickering holographic word over it: "Danger"


Ay'indri's checks would reveal that while the person was alive, their breathing was shallow, they also had a metal pipe that had gone through the lower right side of their chest. The person's left leg was crushed beneath some debris.

There were others in CiC, some moaning and groaning, others trying to put out fires. Two sat at still intact consoles trying to assess whatever weapons they still had, while a few more were trying to pry open a door - a door that had small amounts of smoke coming out of the seams.
Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by club24 on March 23, 2019, 07:33:52 PM »

Micalio didn't like the look of all those damage screens popping up at once, hull breaches, coolant leaks, thankfully no depressurisation or major failures yet. The lack of response from the bridge suggested to the red haired Daur that they were probably dealing with their fair share of issues up there too. Setting to work the engineer strapped herself up with all manner of tools and equipment before sending the damage reports to her HUD, slipping on the helmet she'd kept around for this purpose.

With the botched up helmet on serving as her engineer triage map Micalio ran out of the bay and towards the nearest critical damage, a set of blown pressure locks on the coolant lines close by to the engineering bay. "Engineering to Bridge, I'm moving to begin internal repairs, please advise."

Outer Dimensional Roleplay / Re: Furi'ken, Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 1
« Last post by Soresu on March 03, 2019, 05:47:47 PM »
Ay'indri took stock of the bridge. Stations were lighting up and people seemed to go about their tasks. Her name being called one of the small agent's ears rotated toward the sound. She was to take over the weapons? Well, it would certainly be more active than just reading through reams of reports. She'd happily dig through intel to find the hidden nuggets of information. But taking over part of the ship's combative systems held more allure.

The station wasn't manned when she picked her way through people and consoles. Hopping into the seat, Ay'indri then brought up the ship's weapon systems, reading the incoming data on their state of readiness and varied loadout.
Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by Soresu on February 24, 2019, 04:24:02 PM »
Ay'indri seemed to walk into chaos. Screens and stations sparked or displaying their innards through cracked casings. The smell of ozone, blood, and burnt flesh wafted about her. It was the sort of thing that could cause one's gorge to rise if not properly prepared. At that moment the agent almost lost it amidst the chaos. But it was not to be, as she forced herself to hold it down. With a shake of her head to try and clear it, Ay'indri staggered along to the closest of the injured while gingerly touching the knot forming on the back of her head.

Kneeling, Ay'indri tried to assess the poor soul's injuries.
Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by Aria on February 20, 2019, 03:05:10 PM »
"Ah, thanks," Aiu said as Barb slowly helped her to her feet. Maybe I've been overthinking everything, he doesn't seem to be mad at me for what I said. I feel like my mouth just runs when I'm with him. It took Aiu a moment to notice him holding her hand a moment longer than needed and giving it a gentle squeeze. She jumped a little just as he began to jog away.

"D-don't forget, we'll continue this later!" she shouted after him. She felt a strange warmth in her as she watched his fluffy hair and large ears bounce in tune with his swaying tail. She caught herself smiling awkwardly for a second before she snapped out of it with a shake of her head. Sadly the sudden shaking reminded her of the pain in her head. She jogged over to her medical pack, took some pain killers to help with the headache, then stuffed extra bandages and other supplies into her pack.

"Let's split up, I'll head to the mess hall if you want to check out one of the other calls. Keep in sync with me over comms so we can get to everyone. We can recruit able-bodied crew to carry stable patients back here. Good luck!" With a smile and a wave, Aiu jogged out of the med bay and towards the mess hall.
Neshakushin Empire / Re: (Furi'ken) Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 2
« Last post by SirSkully on February 18, 2019, 08:58:32 AM »
It was, more than he had expected, to say the least - what Barbanov had thought was a simple question with a short answer ended up snowballing into a story about Aiu's life, he wasn't complaining though because it served to both ensure she wasn't injured too badly from whatever had happened and also furthered his understanding of the adorably floppy-eared Medic.

"I~" Combat Medic DePolanskaya began once more before he was cut off by the comms system, which he turned towards before bringing his attention back to Aiu, carefully helping the other medical fox onto her feet and steady her with an understanding nod.

"Of course, Aiu~ always, but we have a job to right now so we'll discuss this later yeah?" Barb reassured her, giving one of he girl's paws a friendly squeeze before breaking off to gather up what he could and stuff it in a nearby duffle bag - people needed saving!
Outer Dimensional Roleplay / Re: Furi'ken, Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 1
« Last post by SirSkully on February 15, 2019, 11:54:39 PM »
Now in his room, Barb's fuzzy ears twitched slightly toward the sound of his communicator going off, so the slightly cleaner fox finished pulling into his duty attire rather than the ruined battle-dress that he had been wearing prior and picked up the small device - a small sigh left the medical fox's lips as he read the text, sure enough it was Aiu, he may have offended her or messed up in some way but there were people that needed medical attention and no reason to make her job harder than it should be.

He at least owed Aiu that much.

"I was cleaning up, sorry, will be there in a moment," Medical Officer DePolanskaya shot back, a much briefer and less professional message than miss floppy-ear had sent, the golden-brown-furred Daur finished pulling the uniform over his lithe form and began making his way to the Infirmary.
Outer Dimensional Roleplay / Re: Furi'ken, Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 1
« Last post by Aria on February 14, 2019, 12:39:00 PM »
"A-ah, sorry!" Aiu hastily apologized upon seeing two injured people waiting for attention. "I'm sorry no one was stationed in the medbay, I'll look at you right-" Aiu stopped walking halfway to the patients, remembering she was still covered in blood and probably looked as bad as they did.

"...I'll go sterilize first, just give me a second," she muttered before jogging over to a nearby sink. One glance at the mirror instantly made her regret looking at her disheveled self. For now, she ran her hands under the water and scrubbed till most of the blood and dirt came off, then splashed water on her face. She used some soap to get what she could off her face, but it seemed only a long, hot shower would make her feel clean again. She looked at herself again, seeing a slightly cleaner but tired Daur staring back at her.

Aiu wondered briefly if she should call Barb here as well. She might die of a heart attack if left alone with him after what she did. Though, this was his job too, and things might get busy soon as more people made their way here. With a sigh, she pulled out her data pad and composed a professional sounding message to Barb.

"C'Baruce Barbanov, this is C'Baruce Aiu'tarou. We have two injured crewmates in the medbay. I should be able to handle this much on my own, but be advised more may show up as things calm down. Please either report here when you get the chance or at least be on call in case anything happens. Thank you."

With that out of the way, Aiu slipped on some medical gloves and jogged over to the patients. "Alright, sorry for the wait! Whose in worse shape and what happened?"
Outer Dimensional Roleplay / Re: Furi'ken, Prologue - Into Darkness We Go! Part 1
« Last post by Kalshion on February 14, 2019, 12:12:10 AM »
As the ship gradually left it's bay, it began to head upwards. After a minute there were a series of rhythmic thumps as the ships top mounted turrets opened fire blew the launch bay doors apart, while parts of the door would fall into the water, most of it was blown outward into the air and would land either in the surroundings parks or evacuated districts.

It wouldn't take long for the ship to clear the exit doors and building would begin to appear on the screen. "Bridge to all crew, we are going to provide cover fire for our forces. Once we have arrived on station, all marines will deploy to the surface to assist in ground operations. Medics are to assist in the recovery of the injured," Chi'ka then switched to a private channel with Ay'indra.

~"Ay'indri, while you are to focus on firing the ships turrets, please also keep your hear to the communications channel. This ship has some of the best ease-dropping equipment you'll find, feel free to use it. If you can sniff out the enemies plans then it'll make it easier for us to counter them."~

With a sly grin Chi'ka crossed one leg over the other.


Perhaps to Aiu's surprise there were two crewmen there with injuries, both of which were on the ship preparing it for the ceremonial launch and were not at all prepared for combat, this meant that they both had varying degrees of injuries as a result of a brief firefight.
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