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Siege of the Capital
« on: December 12, 2018, 04:23:50 PM »
Imperial Palace, Kushin Prime
2200 Hours

Thunder boomed outside as the palace was awash with activity, palace workers were running from every which way while soldiers were heading toward the palace balconys. Amidst the organized chaos, the Emperor and Empress walked and inspected the troops as they went about their business. "They know what they are doing," remarked the Emperor, a My'leke whose his tail moved gradually side to side, "Then again with the capital world under threat.." his voice trailed off as the two walked through an open door and onto the balcony.

Rain fell hard onto the stone floor, running off to the sides and then down a gutter. The Empress, a Daur who looked to be no more than five or six in human years, glanced upward towards the sky. "They slipped past our defenses with a small force," she muttered with a scowl as lights began to appear among the clouds. "Weapons at the ready!" She walked toward one of the many gun emplacements that had been set up along the balcony.

"Empress, the city shield is active," one of the soldiers remarked.

Hearing this the girl felt a tingle on her skin and noticed a faint blue cast itself across the sky. Indeed, the city shield was active now and just in-time, a large force of starfighters suddenly broke through the clouds and headed toward the capital, their weapons ablaze. Upon hitting the shield several of the fighters peeled off, but some didn't make it and found themselves splashing themselves across the barrier and leaving behind a trail of broken wreckage.

Suddenly the air erupted as triple-A emplacements opened fired on the remaining enemies, splashing several and causing the rest to flee into the clouds. The torrent of fire stopped briefly, the Empress turned to her side and muttered something to another soldier, who placed their hand up against their ear and spoke a few words into their mic. This was followed seconds later by a thunderous roar that blasted the clouds away, leaving a trail from the point of origin to the point of impact, an enemy warship - measuring three hundred meters long - was struck along it's starboard side, a hole punched clean through with fire erupting from the other side.

The ship listed to port and then began to fall toward the ground below. Another boom, and another ship - this one five hundred meters across - was torn from steam to stern and it to started to fall toward the ground below. The sounds of the guns fell silent as the clouds quickly rolled back in, then the fighers came back out but this time they made their way toward the source of their allies destruction, only to be meet with a torrent of plasma and magitech fire that brought several of them down just outside of the capital's perimeter.

"Status of the 2nd fleet?" The Emperor asked.

The Empress, curious herself, swipped her hand across the air as a transparent screen appeared. "They'll be arriving via emergency jump in less than ten seconds."

"Destination point?" The Emperor asked, but his question was soon answered when the clouds were once again blown aside as dozens of vessels suddenly appeared within the planets lower stratosphere.

The Empress smiled, although this is somethign that the navy didn't like doing since coming out of Rift Space in-atmosphere was very dangerous and could result in damage to the planet or even the surrouding area, sometimes there wasn't much choice. The citizens lives were at risk and she wasn't about to play it safe and wait several hours. She looked at the Emperor, smiled, and then her body faded out of existence.

Stratosphere, KRN-Kojia

"We've arrived ma'am," the helmsmen said as the Empress exited the communications room and walked toward the center of the ship. "Holding steady at 30 kilometers above the ground, all ships are turning in," another officer shouted.

The Empress nodded and turned to look at the holographic display that showed the battlefield. There were over one hundred small ships making up the Vincon'hansaw Naval Force and only thirty of their own. "I feel sorry," she folded her arms over her chest and then grinned. "For them that is," she looked away. "Order all ships to fire, target the lead vessel and ram it!"