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Re: (Furi'ken) Chapter 1 - Into Darkness We Go! Part 3
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Ay'indri's hands shook a little whilst keeping them upon the controls. The small fox seemed to have her attention on the task at hand. Looking down, she saw Aiu fiddling with the bandage on her thigh. With a little growl of renewed pain at the added pressure, Ay'indri shook a little at the medic's question. Did she have friends? They were a liability in her line of work. That and she'd never been too personable, to begin with. Although a frown formed upon her lips. Family. A sore spot for her. Her parents were kind, gentle and understanding when it came to their daughter. It made her a little uncomfortable when attention was lavished upon her to the point it reminded her of her deceased sibling.

He'd been the eldest. He'd been gone for almost a decade now, his cause of death attributed to an 'accident' but she knew what had happened. Netrunu'marol, an all Laibe faction of terrorists had raided her family's claim holdings and he'd simply got in the way. Ay'indri gulped, her eyes misting through the pain of her physical wound just as much as the mental scarring upon her psyche.

It was the bloodloss she told herself. The crack in her normally silent, stoic demeanor. With a grunt of throbbing pain, the agent kept her drooping eyes upon the screens.

"I have no friends," she stated in a matter of fact tone, well, as much of one as she could muster. Though all she could do was mutter incoherently about her mother and father. It was uncomfortable to talk about her life, or so she thought as red spots of crimson began to seep through the newer layer of gauze and bandage. A shudder rumbled through the ship as her grip weakened on the controls. With an audible inhalation, Ay'indri gripped them harder, sparing a glance to Aiu, and then back to the readouts.
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