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Furi'ken, Chapter 1 - Into Darkness We Plunge! Part 4
« on: April 12, 2020, 12:28:49 AM »
Two season's later
April 12th

Tennōmae, the capital of the Neshakushin, unlike other cities within the nation this one sits above ground in plain view for any and all to see. In the vast, royal, garden stood several statues - some of which were over fifty feet tall while others were barely ten. Standing in front of the largest statue was Chi'ka, the captain of the Furi'ken, Chi'ka - much like the rest of her crew - were foreign to this nation because even though it contained the same kind of people as them it wasn't in their universe.

"Strange really," Chi'ka remarked as she slowly circled the statue. The statue resembled a young kit bravely giving their life to ensure that others lived, the Kit was an exact replica of the one who had been responsible for the creation of the Youth Corp back in her own universe. She had learned, through inquires, that it was the same here. Glancing off to her right, she observed a group of kits - perhaps no more than five or six years of age - frolicking about in the garden with a much older Shukaren watching over them. Every so often she'd see a slight flash of light come from the hand of the older Shukaren. "Magic..." she remarked.

Flashback, one season earlier
Tennōmae Military Research Hospital

"For all intents and purposes-" a doctor stated as he through a large medical bay. "-I fail to see the reason why we need to do this."

Beside him was a military officer, a My'leke - four legged with a long tail and grey fur - wearing the rank bars of an admiral. "They look like us, sound like us, and even act like us; but we need to know for certain that they aren't spies."

"It's been a full season, you've had the intelligence people watching them ever since they were released into the public, I'm sure if they were spies you'd know by now," remarked the doctor. The two came upon a door and, placing his hand on the keylock, the door opened. Inside were a bank of monitors, over three hundred each one with a single person watching them, although only one hundred and seventy eight were actively being used.

The admiral walked up toward one monitor, there was a peice of table taped to the side of it with someone's name: Micalio Di'Aldio. There was another monitor with the name 'Phra'athit Neha Ay'indri' the Admiral glanced over at a clipboard which showed various bits of information, including what the monitored person was doing, where they lived, what they ate, etc.

"Nothing out of the ordinary?" the Admiral asked of the officer in charge.

"Nothing," the officer said with a shake of the head. "All one hundred and seventy eight people that we are monitoring are doing precisely what we had hoped. None of them are displaying signs that they are our enemies in disguise or even showing any signs of potentially being a threat."

"Yes well," a voice spoke from behind the officer. "I could've told you that," Chi'ka stood there with her arms folded, she wore the same uniform as the admiral except her rank badges showed her as being a captain.

"Standard procedure," the officer remarked as he turned toward her and smiled. "We have to make sure that you are who you say you are."

"Really? So why am I not being monitored then?" Chi'ka asked while walking up toward the officer and folding her arms once more.

"Who says you're not?" said the admiral. "We do have a way of figuring out whether a person is our enemy or not, perhaps you should know since you will be going back to space soon."

"Is that so? Ok, please explain to me then."

The admiral raised a paw toward her. "First off, I understand that you may find our methods distasteful, probably from where you come from things are different but we've had to take these measures in order to protect our people."

Chi'ka thought for a moment, tapping her lower chin. "Distasteful? Not really, where I come from we torture our enemies, starve them, leave them out into the cold or the hot, wait until they are ready to speak."

Of couse, Chi'ka knew that some of that wasn't exactly truthful but some of it was. "I just find the process of probing our minds to be distasteful."

"Yes well, you see," the officer in charge started - he beckoned at one of the monitors and tapped on the stats screen. "Probing someone's mind doesn't work when they possess some manner of mana, chi, or kai."

Chi'ka had heard those words many times already since they arrived. "I see, and I take it that's how you are figuring out whether you can trust us?"

"Like so," the officer spoke and grabbed a spare, unused monitor. "Give me recording of suspected spy 98373-A," he waited until the image faded from black to show what looked like a My'leke walking around the capital's lower ward. "Our enemies can't use magic, we don't know why precisely although we have theories, the fact is that they just can't."

The camera followed the My'leke as they made their way casually through the ward, a bar on the right showed the stats - where the My'leke was, including their rough gps cordinates, location, but it also showed the measurable amount of mana that they had. In this case, the number showed zero percent.

"According to scientists, it is theoretically impossible for a living thing to have no mana but here we see that this person is just that." The officer then had barked an order and the footage changed to now show this My'leke in an interrogation cell. A Shukaren injected something into the My'lekes neck, over the course of an hour the My'leke changed from being what they appeared to be to being something else entirely.

It still sent shivers down Chi'ka's back, even though she's already been briefed in depth about the enemy that plagues the Neshakushin, it still bothered her how they used gene modification to spy on others - though it was an ingenious idea. The creature on the screen now resembled an odd hybrid of a bipedal lizard with four arms, a single eye and an exposed chest cavity that showed the heart, lungs, and stomach. "I don't recall seeing that in the reports," she remarked as she covered her mouth in disgust.

The officer looked over at Chi'ka for a moment and then at the doctor. "We know from some reports that this person is apparently a criminal in their society, it seems as punishment their chest is 'opened' to reveal their organs which - despite having open contact with the air - do not degrade. However, I do know that it is extremely painful and apparently spying is one of the methods for them to be made whole again." The doctor said but then shrugged. "To be honest we don't fully understand this."

End Flashback

Chi'ka was now leaning up against a wall made out of wood and flowers, she stared up into the dark sky - occasionally she'd see a shooting star. "Still though it amazes me.. magic.." she repeated that last word a few times - as if her mind still wasn't able to comprehend it. In the universe that she and her crew came from, magic was considered fantasy, an impossibility. Yet here it was real, as real as the air that they were breathing.

She glanced down at her palm and flexed her fingers. "According to them every member of my crew has the potential to use magic, some more than others, but how to unlock that potential I wonder?" she had already asked that question but the answer were always the same: "Only if that person wills it and understands it, can they use it."

As she stayed there, leaning, she pondered how the rest of the crew were doing. It had only been a few days since the crew last got together for a briefing and status update on the ship, but to her it seemed like many days had now passed. With them being ground-side for several seasons, she was hoping that her crew - much like her - had partaken in some needed leave, but also, honing of one's skills. She herself had spent time learning how to operate some of the Neshakushin's heavy weapons since it seems in their military ship captains are always part of away teams and members of assault squads. "Not much different from our own, though that means the XO stays behind to command the ship," she muttered under her breath.

It was about time for them to have their next briefing, here in the Royal Garden. She looked toward the only entrance to the Garden, waiting for her crew to come.
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