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Greetings, all! I'm FrostJaeger, and because I'm a lazy boi I figured I'd just copy the introduction template from that other site:
  • What do you call yourself? God The One Commander Shepard Bond -  James Bond Aang FrostJaeger
  • How'd you find Terrene Engima? Word-of-mouth, obviously.
  • What interested you in joining? Dissatisfaction with how that other site's staff runs things and the desire for a similar roleplay setting with 9001% less drama and toxicity.
  • Ever done this text-based roleplaying thing before? Nope. :^) (Yes, I've been doing it on and off for the past three and a half years.)
  • Any previous experiences you want to share? Not really, as I'll probably end up sharing them in Discord anyways... :p
Now for the questionnaire!

Do you prefer:
  • Playing male, female, or other-gendered characters? Male or female, but not transgendered.
  • Spontaneous or planned RP? Planned, though I...think I can do spontaneous as well. Ish.
  • Military or civilian characters? Military.
  • Humans, androids, anthros, or aliens? Yes, maybe, oh hell no, and maybe.
  • Being on a starship or being on a planet? Either or.
  • Roleplay via forum posts or in real-time? Roleplay via forum posts.
On a scale of 1 to 3, what's your preferred level of these in your RP:
  • Language: 3
  • Violence: 3
  • Sexuality: 3
What's something cool you'd love to RP? A massive fleet battle and/or something akin to the landing at Normandy - essentially, something that's massive in scale and scope.

Edit: Way to mess up my title, forums...  >:(
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