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WIP - Magic System
« on: June 08, 2016, 11:59:00 AM »
Thought I posted this yesterday >_<


====== Magic Systems ======

A magic system refers to the methodology, usage, and style of a mage's abilities and their usage of various devices. Three systems are known to exist in the universe: the Kor'don, Yukishe, and Man'deth Systems. Man'deth is subdivided into both Ancient and Modern, while Yukishe is subdivided into Ancient and Practical. Kor'don is not divided, although spells of this school are primarily utilitarian in nature. Each system of magic has its own characteristics, making it easy for one knowledgeable in the arcane arts to differentiate between the systems. Each magical system has its own method of spell classification; although some classifications are shared across all systems, each classification can have a different meaning, depending on the system that uses it.

===== Systems =====

The following lists details the systems of magic used within the known the universe.

==== Kordon ====

The Kordon system, also known as 'Rune Magic', is a prevalent magical system in the universe largely due to its utility - Kordon magic is not heavily combat related, favoring a more 'civilized' use of magic to help in normal everyday life. Kordon has a rather small portfolio of spells, but innovative mages are always discovering new ways to use this most civilized magic for creative uses.

The Kordon system differs from other magical systems with regard to its execution - while other spells may be cast 'on the fly' as the user wills it, Kordon spells must be prepared ahead of time via the inscription of runes. In essence, the mage is 'casting' the spells ahead of time into an inanimate object. These runic spells may be then activated at a later time by any sufficiently knowledgeable mage, triggering their initial effect.

While most Kordon spells are single-use runic spells, more powerful mages can invest more of their power into the runic script, allowing the effect to be reused multiple times or allowing the magic to constantly be active.

==== Man'deth ====

Man'deth is a widely reknowned, combat-oriented magical system which focuses primarily on medium to long range attacks. A person's element plays a huge part in which spells and abilities they have access to; this also means that an individual has restrictions with regard to spells of an opposing element. For example, a person whose main element is water would find great difficulty in using fire magic. A person's element is discovered through, essentially, trial and error - one must search deep within themselves to find the aspect of nature that they connect to most deeply.

Historically speaking, Man'deth is the most prominent magical system. Having been used by the Kash'len Federation, Man'deth was originally only used by their military - after their arrival on Terrene Enigma, the magic found itself split into both Modern and Ancient forms. Ancient Man'deth is a combat stlye more focused on direct attacks, while the Modern style developed a heavy emphasis on wide area attacks.

Man'deth has perhaps the largest, and most complex, array of spells at its disposal, having been in use since time immemorial.

==== Yukishe ====

Where Kordon is utilitarian, and Man'deth is ranged combat, Yukishe is the close-quarters, martial-arts-combat magic system. Yukishe focuses entirely on close quarters combat,  having no long or medium-ranged abilities of any kind, save for defensive spells to protect against such attacks. Instead, Yukishe focuses itself on the martial points of combat. Its spell list is rather simple compared to that of the Man'deth system.

Yukishe magic is different from Man'deth in that the magic used affects the entirety of the person's body, where Man'deth magic focuses on external effects. An individual's elemental alignment has significant effect on what manner of defensive or offensive abilities they have access to, and the effectiveness of the spells they can cast. A person with the Earth element, as an example, would be able to make their bodies more durable than someone with a water element - however, one using the water element would be able to freeze their enemies with but a single touch. In essence, you wish to use your element's strengths to your advantage.

===== Magical Intoxication =====

Magical Intoxication, colloquially known as 'Toxic Mana' or 'Dirty Ether', is the process by which a person's mana becomes contaminated through repeated uses of magic- the more a person casts spells in quick succession, the more 'polluted' their mana becomes. Over time, Magical Intoxication builds up in a person's mana stream and can, eventually, lead to loss of magical abilities - or, possibly, the inability to control their magic during practical use. Magical Intoxication can also lead to illness, as a person may become unable to function on their own until it passes.

Magical Intoxication is something that no mage is immune to; even the most experienced of mages, those who have spent years learning how to hone their craft, are susceptible. Magical Intoxication is more likely to occur if a person uses a more powerfull spell, as large-scale spells require a significantly higher expenditure of mana when compared to lesser spells. It is for this reason that mages are often told to use their magic only when its necessary, and to instead rely on magical devices which, although incapable of utilizing more powerful and more destructive spells, are still able to use lesser spells without drawing upon the mage's mana reserves directly.

===== Element Types =====

There are five basic elements: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Water. Fire beats wind beats lightning beats earth beats water, and then repeat. Each element has its advantages and disadvantages, bearing uses unique to each element within society.

However, there is one additional element in the known universe, a 'neutral' element of modest power known as 'Astral'. Astral, unique amongst the five listed elements, pulls its power from the planes of the gods instead of from the energies of the physical world or from the user.

==== Fire ====

Fire magic is arguably the most destructive of the elements. Fire magic is very hard for an untrained individual to control, requiring a great deal of concentration and training in order to utilize it effectively without hurting oneself.

==== Wind ====

Wind magic is different from the other elements; instead of being used in a combat oriented role, wind magic is more commonplace in the transportation area of society. The element of wind is often used by Elementalists to power wind farms, propel airships and naval vessels, and other such applications.

Though it has several practical applications, the element of wind is not one to be underestimated. In combat, Wind magic has a variety of uses, such as making a person faster, or hindering an individual's movement. With regard to Martial Magic, the Wind element is among the most dangerous elements to face due to the ability to dodge and evade physical attacks more easily than others.

==== Lightning ====

Also known as the 'energy' element, Lightning is considered an oddball element in the elemental tree. This is because it governs the use of electrical forces found in nature and - unlike the other elements - is not entirely affected by the environment around the caster. Because of this, lightning is considered more 'neutral' when compared to the other basic elements.

==== Earth ====

The element of Earth embodies strength, and is used by practitioners of Martial Magic to empower their physical forms with the durability of stone itself, or strike their foes with the sheer force of a landslide. The element of Earth is exceptionally versatile in its uses, being useful to practitioners of both Yukishe and Man'deth alike.

==== Water ====

Last amongst the basic elements is the Element of Water. Water magic is the most commonplace in society due to the relatively little effort required to cast magic with the water element. Water magic allows people to move more quickly, aid others in the event of a natural disaster and other uses. It is a very strong element.

==== Astral ====

Astral is considered a purely neutral element; if it were to be part of the 'elemental tree', it would be in the centre of the five. Astral Energy is the energy found in all people, essentially forming a person's 'life force'. All people can access Astral Energy, whether they are aligned with an above element or not - however, Astral Energy has the draw back of pulling directly from an individuals life force to fuel Astral magic. This makes casting Astral spells both very powerful and potentially deadly at the same time.

Due to its rather unknown nature, Astral Energy has only ever been used in a combat oriented role; there is no known use for Astral magic out of combat-centric purposes.

==== Other Forms of Magic ====

Some sages have theorized the existence of other elements beyond these, such elements include, but are not limited to: blood magic, shadow magic, light, and dark magic.

===== How Magic Works ======

Magic in the T.E. Universe works on a completely different level than how magic would function in standard fantasy settings. Unlike how mages in other universe can just snap their fingers and cast a spell, in the T.E. Universe Mana is more constrained and requires the use of specialized devices in order to 'tap' into that store of energy. While low level spells that do not require much power can be easily used without a device, more complex or more powerful spells require the use of an arcane device to cast.

Spells in this universe are, essentially, a collection of computations whose end result is able to alter the physical world around the caster. This is why small spells can be cast without need for external devices - the caster's brain is capable of performing the computations manually. However, more complex or more powerful spells require the use of a more sophisticated computer in order to perform the necessary reality-altering calculations.

===== Mana =====

In a nutshell, Mana is the basic magical power that a person has in their bodies. In some dialects, this energy is known as 'Chi'. The amount of mana that a person has differs considerably on not only their age, but their place of birth, their health, and other external factors that a person may not be aware of.

In addition, mana occurs naturally in the environment. In a 'mana-rich' environment, a mage can easily cast a spell without much worry of their mana reserves being used. However, in a 'mana-poor' environment, a mage has to rely on their innate stores of mana to cast even the smallest of spells. Some areas of Terrene Enigma are naturally overflowing with mana, while others would be veritable mana-wastelands. Fortunately, the planet is in a state of constant flux, with the invisible flows of mana shifting, waxing, and waning as the years go by - just because an area is lacking in mana now does not mean that it will always remain so, and vice versa.

===== General Restrictions =====

Magic might be great in confronting everyday life, but it has quite a few restrictions placed upon it both due to the universe but also due to self-imposed limits by society.

1. Magic can only be used for a certain number of times before a person can become exhausted, this means that a mage can't use magic in a constant fashion; doing so can cause illness or even death.
2. Despite there being wind magic, flying remains exceptionally difficult for any mage due to the absence of mana in the upper atmosphere of the planet. This means that a mage can only fly for a very short distance, as flying magic isn't affected by either rich, or poor, mana areas.
3. Mana doesn't exist in 'Rift Space', thus magical spells can't be used there; however, magical based weaponry that draws upon an individual's mana stores 'can' be used. While engines that run on mana, and batteries that store it, will still be able to function, they will only be able to do so for a limited amount of time.
4. Some spells require a material component in order to be cast. While less powerful spells might only require a common ingredient found in nature, other, higher class spells, would require something more rare.

===== Accessibility =====

While magic can be accessed by anyone with the talent, most higher forms of magic or even higher forms of magical spells require the usage of outside devices in order to access. Depending on ideology, these devices may or may not be restricted amongst the different factions.

The devices can range from being small, wrist sized units; to being very large weapons and staves.
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Re: WIP - Magic System
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