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(WIP) - Neshaten (Name will change)
« on: May 29, 2016, 12:17:09 PM »
As I plan on bringing the Neshaten over to this site, I also plan on changing their name. There are other changes I plan on making as well.

1. They will still have a monarch, but it will be more military centric than before.
2. Their arrival on the planet is one where they crashed in a forest on a colony ship that had over 8000 souls on board, half of which would've parished in the disaster. They would've lost most of their tech in the crash and due to being nocturnal, they'd have found shelter inside of a nearby mountain which is where their capital city will be located (and will still be expanding by the time the faction is ready)
3. Technology wise I'm still determining, but they won't have energy weapons like they do elsewhere.
4. Their architecture will remain the same.

I'll post more in time! :3

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Re: (WIP) - Neshaten (Name will change)
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2016, 12:31:43 AM »
This is the history I have thus far, please note that the name I am might change. After all, I like the Neshaten name so much I may end up just using it :p


Hailing from somewhere in the western region of space, the Neshaten Junta came to the planet aboard a large colony vessel; this vessel, measuring at almost 800 meters long, had a crew one hundred and over eight thousand civilians onboard. The vessel was one of only a few that left their region of space, to search for distant planets to colonize. However, in the year of the Great Expansion, the vessel would end up caught within a mysterious gravity well that pulled it down into Terenne Enigma's surface where it would end crashing into a dense forest.

The Neshaten people realized almost instantly that they weren't going to be leaving the planet anytime soon, their ship was badly damaged, almost half of those who had been onboard were dead. Worse, the planet was teeming with wild life that seemed to have a thirst for blood. The survivors of the Junta struck out from the ship, taking what supplies they could carry and headed for a mountain that was close by where they later would set up a small town, the people choose to cast off the old political systems in exchange for a new one.

From this town the people sent out scouting parties to search the mountains because the Neshaten weren't just comprised of one species, but rather, three; two of which were nocturnal while one wasn't, this meant that the bulk of their group couldn't operate during the day and the people discovered that the days were rather long on this world. It took several weeks before a suitable spot would be found for the nocturnal species of the Neshaten, a large cave that ran from one end of the mountain to the other, but which opened up in the center to a chasm, a chasm large enough for the nocturnal species of the group to live in without fear of being killed by daywalkers. The town was turned over to the members of their group that lived in the day, although some of these daywalkers still choose to reside with the rest.

Initially the Neshaten kept to their town, to their mountain village, but it didn't take long for curiosity to surface and young explorers began to venture outward into the unknown, some never to return; others to come back with wild stories of strange beasts. One explorer, going by the name of Maistris Kui'shease, came back and told of large areas of wilderness plagued by wild beasts, swamp lands that were covered in thick poisonous clouds, and plains that were impassible due to mysterious barriers that blocked passage.

For nearly forty years the survivors lived this way, small groups of their people would break off to form villages in the surrounding areas; it wasn't long though before conflict began to rear its ugly head. One village would attack another for resources, then another would attack another, after awhile what should've been a people that were working together for mutual survival turned into a full blown civil war that would cost the lives of hundreds. The war lasted for only two years and ended when several of the younger generation realized that the constant fighting would do more to harm their chances of survival rather than help, dozens came together to form a new government, one that would rule from a central point yet still permit others to voice their concerns, this lead to the first town later becoming the 'capital' of this new people.

Eighty years after their arrival on Terenne, the Neshaten people started to work to expand their main city, the one they'd formed in the mountains. It was an arduous task, one that would end up taking the Neshaten people almost six hundred years, but through the rediscovery of some of their lost technology they were able to expand the inside's of the mountain, creating a vast and majestic city.

As the years past their numbers began to grow, villages that once housed only a few hundred now had several thousand living within; towns turned into cities. Commerce started to pop up between the cities, trade started to appear, although it was hard at first since the mountains that the Neshaten had called home for their capital mysteriously lacked any valuable ore, while other items like copper, iron, bronze, etc could be found in area's beyond.

In the year 810, eight hundred and ten years after their arrival on the planet, the Neshaten started to send out large groups of explorers accompanied by soldiers - to investigate the claims made by past explorers of strange happenings beyond their lands. It didn't take long though for these parties to discover that what the people thought was superstitious was in fact reality, swamps poisoned and killed some people while others found it impossible to navigate the western plains.